Friday, June 11, 2010

...and the beat goes on!

Hello all and especially to my special friend, (you know who you are). I am sorry that I have not continued with blogging. Either writing or visiting all of your sites but it is all I can do to turn this stupid contraption on at the end of the day to deal with minor things. What turned out to be a minor annoyance, to me at least, has lead to something painfully more difficult to deal with. Not to mention a Doctor (ahem) whom I believe, is more concerned with his pending retirement to dealing with his patients.

Towards the end of last year, you may remember me complaining about an injury to my knee which I sustained while playing hockey. At the time, my “Doctor” informed me that I “may” have torn the ligaments to my outer knee. And, that there was nothing he could do for me at the time. I was told to ice it and stay off of it as much as possible. Which, as a good little soldier, I did. I think, because I have a high physical pain threshold, I thought I was moving my way through the injury. Not so. As the months passed, and the icing and Advil treatment increased, the inflammation has become worse. In the past 2 weeks alone, I have gone through almost 60 Extra Strength (400mg) Liqui-Gel Advil's. Lord knows what that is doing to my stomach.

I can no longer walk without the use of crutches and any weight on my leg or foot is excruciating. Needless to say, trying to get any sleep has been adventurous, to say the least. The swelling has moved down my leg to my ankle which just increases my discomfort. Earlier this week, yet another visit to my “Doctor”, and he, at long last, recommended that I go for X-Rays and that he would schedule an MRI. But, he said, “I'm not sure how far down the road that will be”. Thanks......for nothing, I thought. I could feel his eyes on me as I lumbered out of his office in extreme discomfort. Many thoughts come to mind at this time but nothing appropriate to write so, I will keep them to myself.

Needless to say, life is not all about me however and so it goes. I have quickly become aware that the lives of a few of our Blog friends have been touched with the loss of loved ones including the loss of one our own, Renee. Perhaps, in the back of my mind and in my heart, there were indeed some inevitabilities that I knew were going to pass. And yet, these are the things that are so far out of our grasp that it is all we can do to hold onto today. Funny, how as I sit here a moment and think of such things, that my pain appears to be temporarily bearable. Life........go figure.

I must say this however, much to my surprise. When I logged on to blogger for the first time since the Christmas Holidays, I was half expecting those who had signed on as followers would have long vacated this sorry site. But lo and behold, there you all were (are), exactly as I left so long ago. Hmmm! Perhaps you are wondering what possessed me to, after all of this time, to log back in and to post something so innocuous. Well, the truth is, I have not bothered to check my email account for this site either for obvious reasons. But tonight, more out of curiosity and distraction, I punched the 'ON' button just to see if this dinosaur would roar back to life. It did and a part of me did as well. Especially when I read some of the accumulated back mail that had accumulated.

I hope at this time that you can all bear with me and understand that it was without malice or intent that I walked away for awhile. Perhaps it was the wish of a Higher Power that possessed me to hit the 'ON' button tonight and get back into life. For a few minutes at least, I was able to forget the constant throbbing and realized that the beat goes on. Take care people.