Saturday, August 29, 2009


As they say in our part of the world, you blink and before you know it, summer is over. And I, well, I took some time away to enjoy some of our short summer. Sure, there are still a few weeks left to enjoy some of the weather but lately it feels more like early Autumn rather than summer. For the most part we have had a lot of rain, a small stretch of wretched humidity and now some cooler windy weather accompanied by some very strong winds. For the most part, I walked away from technology and just enjoyed a little R & R. Doing nothing more than enjoy my surroundings and some quiet solitude. But now it is time to get back to the grind. And time to watch for the early signs as the leaves of the trees turn from vibrant greens to burnt oranges, golden yellows, and fiery reds. Sweater weather, I fear, will soon be upon us. No worries for me as it is my favourite time of the year.

In the meantime however, there is no sense wasting what is outside the doors. I have already planned another bicycle camping trip for next weekend and just hope the weather holds out long enough for me to enjoy that. Another hint at the changing seasons is an email that awaited my return, informing me that my hockey season starts in 2 weeks. Oh where, oh where does the time go. Last Sunday I quietly turned 50. Although the reality of it hit me as I contemplated my life, when I awoke that morning, I realized that it affected me not in the least. Oh sure, there are typical regrets etcetera, but the reality is, that I am still here and there is still more life yet to live. One thing that I do want to change though, is no more rushing around accomplishing nothing. These past months I have lived a little more for myself. Deliberate. Doing more of what I want to do or at least attempt.

I have said no to golf invitations (a first) and a few events planned by others. Instead, I have decided to be more conscious of my own time and where it goes. Too many times I find myself in the late hours of a Sunday evening wondering where the weekend went. Realizing that things I needed to do for myself remained undone. Either waiting for me during the week or postponed until the following week end. Although it is sometimes wise to have scheduled things to do. It is also nice to have a little more spontaneity mixed into the whirlwind we call life. One of my favourite things to do now is, to just get on my bike and ride. Something I rarely did until this summer. Since I have been keeping track, I have ridden over 1000km. The longest being 100km in a day. I'm sure this will help out as I go from cycling to lacing up my skates again.

Anyways, I am just rambling a little here trying to work out some of the numbness of both my brain and my fingertips. I am sure that there will be plenty of reading for me to do as I try to catch up in Blog Land. However, I'm also quite sure that some of you were also out enjoying some of your surroundings as well. And I am looking forward to finding out what you were all up to. While we here are beginning to feel the early signs of the North Winds bite, there are also others half way around the world waiting on their Spring thaw (so to speak). I must also check out our Community Calendar and see what goings on are out there for me to investigate. Well, I guess that is kinda sorta what I have been up to the past couple of weeks. And as I have had said, now I have to get my brain to cooperate with my body to get back into the swing of things. I sure do hope you all have been enjoying the summer and have found a little bit of Peace and Serenity. See you all soon!


lakeviewer said...

Yes, soak in the last rays and ride with the wind. No season lasts forever-except in California where everyone is hoping to stay young and in top summer shape all their lives.

You need a big birthday wish; you reached the middle point of your life; what are you doing to celebrate?

James said...

H Bogey, it's always nice to see a post from you. It's hard to explain but when I read your posts I feel like I gain wisdom and something else that I can't put my finger on. I look forward to Sweater weather and my first real fall.

Michelle said...

Soundls like you've been doin okay Bogey. Looking forward to reading some more of you though......we are just coming into spring here and it feels a bit like summer already.

smiles4u said...

First of all Happy belated Birthday. Secondly, I love your attitude about it and the thoughts you share in regards to this. I have much to learn from you my

I am glad that you have been taking this time for yourself. Doing things different. That your riding your bike...that your planning another camping weekend. Sounds perfect.

We have had a strange summer here. Not many hot days. Only 2 days to visit the beach this year. They say it's our 3rd coldest summer on record. We have had our share of sweater/sweatshirt days through out our spring and summer...ugh...and here comes fall, which I do love. I love the beauty that surrounds us here...and I love the things that come with it, like sitting around a nice hot camp fire and watching This weekend it is cool and windy also...funny to see people walking by outside with sweatshirts and jeans on.

It sure was nice to see you had posted and that all is well with you! Love and hugs, Lori

PS Thank you so much for your kind words of encouragement on my recend post. As always, you are a true friend. Thanks!

Expat From Hell said...

Happy 50, Bogey, and welcome back. It is great to see you here again. Looking forward to reading your posts again soon.


Cynthia said...

I think you're right about planning things...sometimes life slips just notice it more when suddenly you realize 50 is here! Happy Birthday! I think you will have a wonderful know how to approach your dreams...I admire your ability to accomplish, Bogey! <3

James said...

Hello again Bogey, I was being rushed out the door earlier so I didn't get the chance to wish you a belated happy 50th. Happy birthday! Also I am so impressed by your bike riding 1,000km wow!
I look forward to your next post.
Take care.

Oh, Mr. Beaks has nothing to worry about with old Simba. Simba is 13yrs old and has a crippled leg. He just likes to sit on the chair and watch the birds fly by the balcony. :-)

Hilary said...

Well Happy 50th! It sure sounds to me like the best is yet to come. I'm glad you've enjoyed your summer. You sure are getting around. These NF photos are wonderful.

Amel's Realm said...

Hey, HAPPY belated birthday. :-))) Wish you health and more adventures and time for yourself. :-)))

Autumn has started here, too. COOL! And over 1000 km of bike riding? That's WONDERFUL!

Take care and enjoy your weekend! I should do some more Finnish reading today he he he...

Michelle said...

That first photo of the rainbow is gorgeous, Bogey. I haven't been around lately and my... you have been busy! I really like the new blog bits and pieces. Looks great.

And belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY too! :-) Hope you have a 50th year full of joy, good surprises and lasting happy memories.

Nancy said...

Happy Birthday Bogey - welcome to the 50's! So glad you are enjoying your summer and time with yourself, doing what you want to do. The biking is so good for your body and soul.

These pics are amazing. Water always gets my attention.

Lori ann said...

What a great post, I felt so uplifted reading it Bogey. You have a wonderful attitude, I think it comes with the gift of age, recognizing what's important in life, and enjoying it. I love the way you marked your 50th, not just the quiet day, but the bike ride/camping trip. A true gift to yourself.
We are feeling the first taste of autumn here in California, where we DO have seasons and as far as I know no one is trying to stay young or in top summer shape. I must know different people than Rosaria. People are the same and different everywhere, but I'm pretty sure turning 50 is special no matter where you live!
Happy Birthday ☺

Bogey said...

My only celebration Rosaria is thanking God for seeing me thru the first 50 years and asking Him to see me thru today.

Thanks for the well wishes and kind words James and for being a vigilant follower. You flatter me with your comments about the wisdom you find here. I only hope it isn't nausea that you can't put your finger on.

I've been surviving Michelle, as we all do. Your spring temperatures are our summer temperatures.

Thank you for your kind and generous thoughts Lori. Having people like you share your life with the likes of me humbles me. I appreciate your courage, your wisdom and your humility. You have a lot to offer people. Your story enable people to understand the meaning of heroic.

Thanks for the well wishes EPH. Good to see you back as well.

Cynthia, I think watching so many years slip away from me has given me the forsight to hold on to what is important to me now. I'm looking for me now. Not just looking out for me, but looking for me. Just another part of the overall journey I suppose. Thank you for your kind thoughts and well wishes. Very appreciated.

Hi Hilary. Thanks for your kind thoughts and sentiments. Yes, I guess I do get around. It's all part of the spontaneity. I love Niagra Falls this time of year. It is good to see so many people from around the world enjoying one of the great wonders of the world.

Hi Amel, thanks for your kind words and warm thoughts. I hope your Finnish is coming along well.

Hi Michelle. Long time no see. The photos are just a few from a day trip I made to Niagra Falls. The weather that day flip-flopped quickly. Hot and humid one minute. Torrential downpour the next. Hence, the many shots I was able to get of the Rainbow. Thanks for stopping by and for the very warm and kind words. Very much appreciated.

Hi Nancy, 50 is not so bad. Mind you, if anybody buys me one of those Fifty Year old slogan T-shirts, I may need bail money. Just kidding. Yes, you are absolutely bang on with the bike riding being good for the soul as well as the body. It gives me so much time to just be alone with my thoughts. Time ticks off of the clock and I don't even notice it. I will miss it when the snow comes.

Thank you so much for your kind thoughts and words Lori Ann. Now if we can only capture this supposed wisdom and start all over again. Now that would be fun. I will be off on another journey this coming long week end. My only hope is that the weather improves a little and that I don't get stuck between a bunch of noisy neighbours. Where I am going is quite scenic and hopefully I can get some good pics.

Lori ann said...

Hi Bogey,

Just checking in to see that all is ok. Hopefully you had another sucessful bike ride and your just enjoying a break. I've been doing that alot too. Looking forward to hearing more of your adventures.
Take good care,

Bogey said...

Hi Lori Ann,

Thanks for checking in. Very much appreciated. And you are correct in your assumption. I was enjoying a bit of a break, enjoying some of our very quick summer and working on some unfinished business. I had a great last trip with some very co-operative weather. Along with a few funny stories. I will be around again as I spend a little more time indoors. Thanks again.

lin said...