Friday, July 10, 2009

Bogey Bites

As some of you may have noticed, I have changed the word COMMENTS, in the comments box to “Bogey Bites”. I was looking for something with a little more humour and a little less of a reminder of what it was like to read what your High School Teachers had to say about you. Whatever! It works for me and I like it. Anyways, the reason for this post is kind of a follow up to comments I started to make on Audrey's Blog, Stage 3! Who, me? In her post, which of course you can read for yourself here. And before I go on, I just want to clarify one thing. This in no way is a judgment of Audrey or her Blog. I was in the process of commenting on her most recent post, when I realized something. I was approaching post length in my comment, felt I had something to say that would have taken away from Audrey's post and also had my own thoughts on Followers and Blog Comments. So, I politely let Audrey know of my intention and so, there you have it. Now, back to the regularly scheduled post.

Like a lot of Bloggers, I started out with a little apprehension. I kind of just tip toed around with no real agenda of what it was I was going to write about and most of the time, I still don't. I began reading a lot of Blogs, commenting on some while just passing through on others. To be honest, I was unsure of whether I would find an audience let alone keep them around for any length of time. Mind you, it has only been 3 months since I have started this so didn't really know what to expect. Very early on, there were only a small handful of bloggers who came to become “Followers” and we basically followed each other. And, I am honoured to say, that they are still all followers. The biggest spike came when I wrote about the loss of a friends pet, and Natalie sent out a “Mourning Call”. A few more people became followers and to date, most have them continue to tag along for which, of course, I am grateful. It just means that somebody is reading this stuff and it makes me feel good when I do get comments.

Like Audrey, I take a personal interest in the Blogging Community in which I have become a part of. Reading and commenting if and when I can. Actually, I am intentionally trying to ensure that what I do here is manageable because I feel I owe something in return to the people who have followed me. But to me, it is a debt that I will gladly pay. Compared to a lot of the people who do visit here, I have a small family of friends and feel very comfortable adding as I go along. When I do visit my fellow bloggers, I try and take special care in the comment that I do leave behind. And this I do for a number of reasons. First of all, many of you take a lot of care putting together your posts. I think it would be unfair of me to hit and run just to say I left a comment. And so, I give you and your post the respect that is due. Sometimes, I may read a post and have to leave it just so I can digest what I have read before I even leave a comment. I like that you can make me think and feel like that. To explore your words on another level of consciousness. But I always come back and comment.

Being an emotional person by nature, it has been refreshing to allow myself to feel when something I read squeezes my heart. I did not always do this because I have repressed a lot of these emotions for years. Now, I have an opportunity to connect with those feelings reading your words that often mirror images that I have lived. In a way, it has been comforting, in a sense, to know that there are many more of you who have lived lives whereby we can connect with each other. Offering compassion, empathy and understanding if only for a little while. Of course I realize not everybody likes to read these types of melancholy stories. Your reasons are your own and explanations are not necessary. Suffice it to say, when I read your blogs I can go through a myriad of emotions in a very short time.

There are some bloggers that I know I can go to and get a laugh or a chuckle almost every single time. And sometimes, that can leave me smiling for hours or cause me to silently chuckle in the middle of the day. Leaving those around me scratching their collective heads wondering what is so funny. Ah! My little secret. Then there are those of you who fill my memory banks with your treasured and historic surroundings via the lens of your cameras and your eagle sharp eyes. Your photos often leave me spell bounded by the magnificence of your imagery. Speaking of imagery, how can I not mention the artists amongst you. Those of you who mix paints or pastels, pencils or charcoal with your creative souls and transfer your emotions onto the blank canvases that lay in front of you. Truly awe inspiring.

And then, of course, there are those of you who can wax lyrical either with your words of wisdom, guidance or even poetry. There is so much creativity in Blog Land it is really hard to put it into the proper context it deserves. Your words can touch my soul, tickle my funny bone and educate me all within a span of minutes. They all remind me of my humanness and my capacity to feel and to shed a tear or to smile and bust a gut laughing. So why would I not want to read and view all that you have to offer and to leave you with a small, yet genuine token of my heartfelt appreciation. Believe me, it is the least that I can do. I've enjoyed traveling across this world and seeing familiar faces in familiar places. Made familiar by the warmth and acceptance of all of our Blog friends.

Now, as for receiving comments, who amongst us can say that they don't have a little smile in their heart when they know somebody took the time to stop by and leave a little token of their appreciation. I know I do. Which is also why I try to acknowledge each received comment with a little note of thanks. Here is how I view seeing comments in the Bogey Bites box. Some of you may remember this a little bit more than others. Have you ever had a pen pal or a friend who moved away and you used to keep in touch solely by snail mail? When you came home from school or work to find an envelope addressed to you waiting for you to tear into. For your eyes only. How you used to treasure those moments anxious to open it there and then but waited until you were in the privacy of your bedroom. Well that is kind of what it feels like when I see that somebody dropped off a Bogey Bite. And I am always happy to see my familiar friends as well as new ones who have just dropped by.
I just had this thought, I wonder how many people have dropped by, took one look at this blog, thought it would all be about Golf and high tailed it out of here. Too bad I say. They wouldn't get an opportunity to meet all of you! Cheers all and have a happy Friday!

Oh! Almost forgot, Doctor told me I may be suffering from CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome). May? What the hell does that mean? More tests required of course and I wish that I could say that I've been feeling better but nope. Just pacing myself a little for now. Of course, now I need to do some research on this because any Doctor that tells me that I “may” be suffering from anything obviously isn't interested in finding out for me! Hmmphh!


Natalie said...

Yeah, one told me I MAY be sane, but I didn't believe that for a minute!
Hope you get to the bottom of it.xx♥

Michelle said...

How long since you had a really truly holiday?


Nice post my friend, and yes, it is always nice to have a thoughtful comment left, as you do for me. It's also nice, right at this minute, to have a minute to leave you one :)
Lots of times I am a fly by nighter....only because I don't have time, or sometimes energy, to do more.

Hope you feel better soon.


James said...

Hi Bogey, I look forward to your posts and your comments they are often very poignant and always welcome. You really have something great to offer and it's you, a really nice guy.
It sounds like you could use a nice long rest with no stress.
Have a great weekend.

Lisa said...

cfs and i are good friends- nothing that two hours sleep in the middle of each day cant fix- luckily, i am able to do that, but you my friend, i just hope you get to the bottom of it.
Comments ?
when i can i do, when i cant i don't..........some posts don't require anything else to be said- they are complete in themselves- others, i love to add my 2 cents worth.

love to you dear friend xx

Anonymous said...

Bogey, this was a wonderful post. You said it all so clearly and concisely. And I love the analogy of the pen pal - I think maybe that is what it is for me. I like the surprise of hearing from someone I don't see. As well, I love the idea that my words, pictures, silliness have reached someone in a positive way (or negative way - they are free to yell and shout at me as well!). You know, the analogy I would most likely ascribe to myself is that of magazine or newspaper sales - you judge your success by the subscription renewals. Hmmm..I think that will be my next blog.

Off to the wedding now. Have a great weekend! And thanks!

Anonymous said...

Bogey, this CFS stuff... read the book Chronic Fatigue Unmasked. It's a good read. The first page should have read "Dear Queen" because it explains my physiology clearly. I think you would benefit from this read as I have just to decide what you think about CFS. A lot of what I know about your life would give reason to believe that you would be prone to it. As I am. Adrenal Syndrome is the mode I am in. Let us know what you find out.

Hilary said...

You've so perfectly summed up the way I feel about blogging. I try not to put any weight on the Followers thing, because I know that many read without clicking on that link (I, for one) but comments are such a warm, welcoming part of the process. It lets us know that someone is interested in our words, photos, art.. etc. And I learned long ago not to pass over a sports-related blog just because I'm not interested in the game. Some of my favourite blogs would have flown below my radar if I had.. yours included.

You MAY need a second opinion... though Queenofphrump seems to have wise advice. I hope things improve soon.

Amel's Realm said...

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? I hope you feel better soon, though.

When it comes to blogging...when I started blogging around 2 years ago, I also didn't know what to expect. I was lonely (I was home all the time, there was no full-time Finnish course yet and my other friends were busy with their lives to read my super long emails) I tried blogging to spread my energy.

I found SO many wonderful people in the blogosphere...and I can relate to many of the things you wrote here...I nodded in agreement A LOT when I read this post of yours. :-))))

One thing I truly love about blogging is the encouragement I get...when reading about someone who's gone through something I'm going through, it feels as though that person TOTALLY understands me...and I feel that I'm not so alone...and I've also learnt MANY more things from my blogger friends.

The blogosphere (I've never met any nasty bloggers so far) makes me feel that this is how the world is supposed to be. We share, we laugh together, we encourage one another...we give support...we pray together...just like good friends. :-)))

Lori ann said...


I want to say I appreciate your comments to me. I've always felt that you were really listening and caring, and it truly is a great feeling. I have the problem of time or lack of it and like you said there are really no end the the talented wonderful amazing blogs out there. It's a good problem to have I guess heh? I want to get to them all but the truth is I just can't.So i just try to put my heart into where I do go. I really enjoyed this post!

I do hope you find out what ails you, I'm still there myself, more tests this week...

Bogey said...

You can still get a second opinion Natalie. That is, if you think you aren't! ;)

No worried Michelle, I know you have a lot on your plate and your mind.

Thanks for the warm sentiments James. Stress is a part of all of our lives. You can't out run it I'm afraid. Believe it or not, it's a lot more manageable than it used to be.

Lisa, I wish I could take a midafternoon nap. I'm sure it will all work out...........I hope!

Audrey, I don't think I've met anybody who loves blogging as much as you do. Your personality has shone thru in the past few months. Keep it up, you have a great fan base!

Thanks for the recommendation Queen. I've taken the time to read a little of the book online. I guess I was right about the attitude of my Doctor. They just don't seem to know what to do. I think I will educate myself on this one. Thanks again.

Hilary, first I'm glad that you like the post and I'm also glad you decided to check out my blog. Thanks for sticking around awhile.

Amel, I am happy to hear that you have found so much joy in Blog Land. It's been nice to follow your journey as well.

Thanks for the kind words Lori Ann. You have brought so much of your adventurous life to not just myself but others as well here in Blog Land. How can I not leave comments on your site. Thank you too for coming around.

Sarah Lulu said...

G'day Bogey. I love the connections between us all ...blogs ..comments and feelings.

Thank you for being in a wintry sunday in Australia isn't that magic?

Yes it is.

lakeviewer said...

Pay attention to your health and heed your doctor's recommendation. Nothing is more important than your health.

Great post.

smiles4u said...

Wow! First of all, everything you said about blogging/commenting is so right on. You really hit on the truth of why I love blogging so the connections...when you said something to the affect of having your heart touched, a good laugh and to have learned something all within a short matter of time, I said "Amen" it's really so true.

Since my time is so limited, I don't always have much time to read every day, let alone comment but when I do get the chance to comment, I can't just write something for the sake of commenting, it has to come from my heart and be sincere or else I just won't. There are some blogs that really speak to me, like yours does, and makes it hard for me when I don't have time to comment but I will try to come back later, when I right now, when it's the middle of the night and I am up because of

I hope that you get some answers in regards to your health soon. I think you are wise to research this CFS and just remember if you don't get results or answers, keep seeking until you get some. Take care of yourself my friend. Hugs, Lori

Bogey said...

Hello Sara Lulu, a Wintry Sunday in Australia is like a Spring day in Canada. ;) I hope you are all settled in to your new home. Thanks for stopping by.

Of course you know I will Rosaria, providing he takes a proper interest. Still, there is no harm in investigating for myself. I want to know what I am dealing with.

Lori, I think a lot of people have similar blogging experiences. Time is a concern for all of us and I know more so with you. Especially with your added responsibilites. I read with humility that you think I have so much to offer. And reading your comments, not just here but on other people's blogs as well, tells me the kind of appreciation you have for the people you follow and share with. I'm always happy when I see that you have stopped by. Happy Anniversay Lori!

ms toast burner said...

I wrote a comment the other night but I think I forgot to press 'send'!

So from memory!

In my very unprofessional opinion, Bogey and by just going by what I've read on your blog, the more obvious reason for your being tired could be that you are exactly that: you're tired!, burnt out, exhausted... simple as that.

I searched your blog for the word 'sleep'... mentions of eluded sleep, not being able to sleep in, 5-6 hours of sleep, etc.... hmmmm? ;-)

It's wise to get checked out, for sure but maybe the answer is a very simple one.

So there's my bite! ;-)

Bogey said...

MTB, you may be absolutely correct in all of this. Still, wanting to fall asleep standing up or in the middle of a meeting (okay scratch that one out) is really not normal for me. Of course, I am trying to be deliberate in my sleep patterns just in case it is nothing more than what you say. Believe me, going to doctors is not high on my priority list until absolutely necessary.

Nancy said...

You are always authentic in your writing and it brings me back every time. The blog world is so big, and so full of incredible writers, that I only wish I had more time to visit and leave comments. I always like to leave a little something to let people know I've been by and read what they so graciously put together for our benefit. What a wonderful world we have out there. Who knew??

Rob-bear said...

Interesting insights on blogging. Thanks for reflecting and sharing.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Sick and tired of being sick and tired? Makes sense.

lin said...