Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Muskoka Getaway

Autumn Fire

Little Miss Daisy

Snoop Dog

Sizing each other up!

Comfy cozy!

Just lounging.


Nice scenery eh?

Blast from the past.

Check out the pink interior!

On the rocks!

Water power

White foam


Red, gold and green!

A little history

Pretty old rock eh?

On the road again.

A little serenity.

Hi! My name is Jake!

You...you lookin' at me?

Sleepy...getting sleepy...

A little tug o' war!

Two out of three...

Hey....wanna play?

'scuse me bub, but uh, this bowl 'pears to be empty!
What would you do if you had an opportunity to get away for the weekend, all by your lonesome, save for a couple of little white furballs – would you take it? Damn straight! Although the weather was somewhat less than co-operative, the colourful surroundings more than made up for anything that Mother Nature was prepared to throw at me. Not to mention the...SILENCE...was deafening . When things are so quiet you can hear a pin drop or the beating of your own heart. It was awesome. Mind you, the company wasn't so bad either. A friend of mine needed a doggie sitter for the weekend and asked if I minded. Duh! Nothing could more apropos. It's a bit of a lengthy drive, about 3 ½ hours, and it rained most of the way up making the journey feel longer than it was. Fortunately, I left work early so I could get to my destination before dark. Friday night was cool and damp and so warranted a fire. Care to join me.

Well, this is what I began to write about 3 weeks ago. Since then however, things took a bit of a dip. The first week I was busy which isn't so unusual at this time of the year. Business being what it is and all, you cater to who yells the loudest. And so it went. Then suddenly, out of the blue, my throat became incredibly sore making it most difficult to swallow. By the middle of the night I came down with a fever accompanied by a mind numbing headache. Then began a close and personal relationship, worshiping the porcelain goddess for the next six days and nights. Needless to say, I wasn't impressed. Especially when, I am sure it could have prevented. It started at the office, innocently enough, with certain individuals showing up to work sneezing and hacking carelessly spreading germs around.

Well, needless to say, it has systematically claimed victim after victim only prolonging the unwanted visit of this particular virus. The sniffling, coughing and sneezing throughout the office sounds like a very bad and out of sync musical band. You would think with all of medical warnings abounding us to frequently wash our hands or to cover up when sneezing and/or coughing. Not to mention keeping our shared surfaces clean and disinfected. The one simple and basic requirement for not just our own health but our families, friends and co-workers as well is this.....JUST STAY AT HOME and get well. You may think it is some valiant and courageous thing you are doing in trying to become a martyr for the sake of your job. But believe me, all you are doing is making it worse. Not only that, but if others around you do as you do, then the likelihood of you getting sick again is pretty damned good.

Well now, where was I? Oh yeah! Getting away for a week end up in the great, not quite white, but red, gold and orange, north. I toured around the area enjoying the food, scenery and the company of a couple of very energetic little dogs by the name of Daisy and Jake. Jake, at the time was only 12 weeks old, if you can believe it, but was very much holding his own against his older 'sister'. Needless to say, they provided me with all of the entertainment I needed for the week end. The silence and the overcast weather made it very conducive for taking the odd nap or two. Which I did with very little fight. If I could, I would hide up there forever. There is just something so refreshing in letting nature surround you and stepping out and being a part of it. Very soon, I am afraid, the north wind will be blowing colder. The leaves will have lost all power to hold on and we will begin to see the first blankets of snow. (Insert deep sigh here!)

Well, needless to say, being off sick for those few days, things piled up again and now I am playing catch up. Oh well, this too shall pass. All around the neighbourhood are the early signs of Halloween. The stores are beginning to prepare for the upcoming Christmas season and the hours of daylight lessen on a daily basis. Oh where, oh where did the summer go. (Insert another deep sigh here.) Better stop daydreaming I guess and get back to the grind. Just one friendly little reminder to all though, if you are sick, don't be a hero. Stay home...please! Get well, for everybody's sake. I don't want to miss Christmas like I missed Thanksgiving!


Natalie said...

Yeah! what he said.
Lovely pics, Bogey. :D

Lori ann said...

Oh dear! I am sorry you had to go through all that. The illness, not the house sitting. Wow.

It looks like beautiful country. I would have jumped at that chance too. Cute little dogs and a fireplace on top of everything else? GREAT!

Summer is still here Bogey and i wish it would go. I am ready for cold, sweaters, fires and pots of soup for dinner. We should trade. ☺

Lori ann said...

Why not celebrate thanksgiving U.S. style, you won't have missed it that way, it's still weeks away!

Michelle said...

I saw in the Millenium with pneumonia, thanks to flu turned bad.

I really wish people would stay home and keep their germs to themselves too!

I hope you feel better and stay healthy!

I loved the photos. That place is just gorgeous and the fluffballs are cuties. :-D

Rob-bear said...

Your post "rocks," even if you have "gone to the dogs." Great photos -- remind me of growing up in Ontario.

Hope you're feeling much better.

Jenn Jilks said...

Thank you for visiting My Muskoka ! Thank you for celebrating it, too. Most of our people live on tourist dollars. It is a beautiful place to live, too.

Sorry you had an illness. But, you are right about germ management. Since I quit work I haven't had a cold, let alone flu.

I know where the Precambrian Shield plaque sits. It was busy during Cranfest.

I wish you good health!

James said...

Being sick is the worst. You got some really nice pictures and Daisy and Jake are so cute.
I wish That I could have taken a picture of the three of you.
Today's Something Sighted post is a sort of homage to men with dogs.

Hilary said...

Beautiful spot. I'd snap up that opportunity in a hurry too. Those little guys are adorable and I'll bet they were a great source of entertainment.

I'm at the beginning of a cold or something myself. Good thing I work from home. ;)

smiles4u said...

What great pictures! Sounds like a nice get away with your little furry friends!

I haven't been online much for 3 weeks either...first my kids coming home and my brothers wedding...and the following Monday I started not feeling good....thought it was too many nights of not enough sleep and too much fun...lol...I thought wrong as that became the beginning of being sick for 2 weeks and I am still on the mend. Yuck!
I totally agree with you about people needing to stay home.

I hope that you are feeling better these days. I know playing catch up is time consumming so I am glad that you posted to let us know how you are doing. The little I did get online, I noticed your absence and prayed all is well with you.

Take care my friend! Love and hugs, Lori

Anonymous said...

Glad you are beginning to feel better. The pictures were worth a thousand words and I wished I were there in your place! You should be a vacation getaway planner..... much different from travel agent of the past. You would make millions off people who need to do what you just did!!!

Amel's Realm said...

I hope you're well now!!! Swine flu has been attacking the people here in Lapland and I hope I'll be fine 'coz I'm flying to Indo next week's Saturday.

LOVE all the pics. The puppies are SO adorable, esp. Jake he he...

And I know what you mean about wanting to hide there forever...it looks SO cosy!!! Can't wait to go to the cabin tomorrow eve and be immersed with nature!!! ;-D

I actually LOVE snow, esp. when they're thick and white and pristine (not icy snow or slippery snow) 'coz it makes everything look more bright here, esp. when now we have only around 8.5 hours of daylight (we'll get even less and less soon)!!!

Bogey said...

Thank you Natalie and nice to see you again!

Lori Ann, although I do enjoy the summer, I couldn't appreciate it as much if I lived with all year long. Going for walks along some of our scenic trails and coming home to homemade soup is one of my all-time favourite things to do in the Autumn. And yes, I do think I will prepare a Turkey dinner sometime soon.

Hello Michelle! I am happy you enjoyed the photos. I'm sorry about your luck ringing in the millenium.

Hi Rob-Bear. Yes, I am feeling much better. However, people in the office are dropping like flies, yet insist on coming to work spreading it around for a second time. I am happy to bring you some reminders of Ontario.

Hello Jenn, and thank you for noticing the scenery. You are lucky to be surrounded by such incredible beauty all year long. Believe me, I visit as often as I can and never tire of it. Or Don's Bakery!

Well James, getting sick has been a pain. But sometimes you have to take the good with the bad. Glad you enjoyed the pics. I have really enjoyed your pics as well. You have a sharp eye.

Sorry to hear that you are ailing Hilary. 'Tis the season. Those two little darlings are a riot to watch. I fear when Jake gets bigger, Daisy is going to have her paws full!

Hi Lori and thanks for sharing all of your moments of joy with all of us. After those festivities, it's a wonder you are dragging a little. I hope you take care of yourself and get well soon. Thanks for being a great Cyber friend. Love and Hugs to you!

Hi Queenie and good to see you again. I know you have relly had your hands full lately and I am sorry for the duress you have been under. Thank you for your very warm comments.

Hi Amel and thanks for your kind comments. I hope you enjoy your trip to Indo. You may as well enjoy it now as the onset of winter approaches. Yes indeed, the days here are definitely getting shorter around here too!

lakeviewer said...

Bogey, sorry to hear about your flu bout. Glad you got away before winter snow closes possibilities. That cabin looks quite cozy, impossible to pass up. Don't work so hard.