Thursday, October 29, 2009

Autumn's Last Call

The leaves are falling
one by one,
As we sadly say good-bye
to the warm summer sun.

Shorts and sandals are all
packed away;
And the clear blue skies
are now mostly grey.

Sunshine strolls
along the beach,
Like a distant memory
now out of reach.

Vast farmers fields
once fresh and green,
Have all been harvested
and picked quite clean.

Trees now stand empty
of the birds of song,
Now heading down south
on their sojourn so long.

Bushy tailed squirrels
busy as bees,
Storing their treasures
high up in the trees.

The evidence around us
is becoming quite clear,
As cold north winds blow
howling, that winter is near.

Gentle as Angels
the first snow will soon fall,
So get out there, enjoy it
before we all hear
Autumn's Last Call.

by Bogey
(G. De Rouin)
October 28, 2009 ©


Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I miss seasons of four. We have two seasons here on the west coast. Summer and winterishy spring.

Natalie said...

Hmm....that is a lovely poem, Bogey.
We have a mild, crispy autumn where i live, but in other parts South, they have the whole deal. We still get the gorgeous autumn colours, but only snow on the 'Tops'.
I enjoyed your pictures very much. :D

smiles4u said...

Beautiful poem Boogie...and so true for where I live too. Sadly, a lot of the farmers haven't been able to get their crops harvested due to all the rain we've been getting this fall. It was suppose to maybe snow yesterday but it stayed warm enough to just rain all day. With as much as we are getting I can only imagine if this was snow...ugh. My little people would be so happy though!

Happy weekend my friend! XXOO Lori

Nancy said...

Lovely poem. I'm feeling it today. It was only 12 degrees when I woke up yesterday. Time to read, blog, and do all sorts of winter activities. My summer stuff is stowed away, and I have pulled out the fur-lined clogs.

lakeviewer said...

You caught the sentiments exactly. Loved this poem.

Winifred said...

Lovely poem Bogey you captured the mood.

The only Autumn poem I knew before this was Keats' Ode to Autumn. That's lovely too.

We've had a gorgeous autumn here in the UK for a change. Often we only get a week or so of that gentle warmth of the sun but this year we've had a lot. It's still very mild but I hear it's going to change soon. Ah well nice while it lasted.

Ai Shiang said...

Oh! It's your turn now, Bogey. My turn to get the sunshine. But I won't say I'm happy about it because it will be too hot most of the time.

Lori ann said...

Oh my goodness! A poem and one about Autumn even, I love it.It's just beautiful. The bushy tailed squirrels busy as cute! I kept getting pictures in my head as I read this, then I came to the end and saw a photo of things to come, you get snow! That is so exciting to me, I really do envy your seasons. Is that snow photo near where you live Bogey?

Bogey said...

Thanks Queen. I know winter isn't for everybody but it sure does make you appreciate the Spring and Summer a lot more.

Thanks Natalie, very much appreciated. Somehow, I just can't picture winter 'Down Under'. Maybe I need to see some pictures.

Thanks Lori and I know you can appreciate the winter photo. Sometimes I think you guys get hit worse than us. But isn't it oh so beautiful at times?

Fur-lined Clogs those I've got to see! That 12 degrees, would that be in Fahrenheit or celsius?

Thank you very much Rosaria, very much appreciated.

Thanks kindly Winnifred. Considering the amount of rainfall you get over there, I am sure you appreciate the alternative.

Yes Ai Shiang, it's my turn. But that's okay because I like the outdoor winter activities just as much as the summer ones. Nice to see you again.

Well thank you very much for the kind words Lori Ann. And yes, both of those photos are near where I live. The winter picture I took a coupld of years ago on New Years Day. I usually like to go out right after a good snowfall while others are hunkered down inside. It is so fresh and clean before people trample all over everything.

Hilary said...

Very nicely done.. oh but you startled me with that winter scene! ;)

Hilary said...
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Bogey said...

Thank you Hilary. Just getting you prepared for it is all! That picture I took on New Years Day in 2007 in Guelph Park. As you can see, there wasn't a soul around.