Sunday, November 1, 2009

Market Day

Well, the weekend came blowing in and I do mean blowing! And with the dark cloud cover, the debate was on as to whether to go to market or watch for any uprooted trees flying in the gale force winds. Of course I went but very close to the end of the day. A good time for deals though as the vendors would only be around for another hour by the time I got there. I took a few snaps of some of the many locals selling their wares in between buying a few things I would need myself. I'm sure I will be back there soon to stock up on meat for the freezer. This is our St. Jacob's market and is located just on the crossroads of an ever expanding community. It is a very active market with the outdor vendors mostly selling fresh fruits and veggies.

Then there are two buildings. The main floor of the first building is filled with meat vendors of every kind. There are also tea shops, fresh baked goods, jams & jellies as well as every known preserve known to humankind. On one end of all of that are a few vendors selling fresh foods of all kinds. Good luck trying to get thru that without caving in to temptation. The upper floor of this building are for the various craft vendors. Candle makers, sewing, knitwear, artwork of every kind. Christmas is coming, may have to go back and check out a few items of interest. There is another building which I didn't make it into this go around. It contains the stock yards, furniture made from the local Mennonite community. Very good quality....with a price tag to match. Plus there are numerous other vendors selling all kinds of uh....stuff! All in all, not a bad way to spend some time. And so, what did you do on this Halloweeny week end?

No matter how cloudy it gets, if you wish hard enough,
you can always see a little bit of blue.
Cabbage! Hmmm maybe next week.

Don't think the Pineapple are local!

Did somebody mention Apples earlier this week?

Just one of our happy locals
wanting to get in on the action.

Looking for last minute deals!

Quite the Cornucopia of colour!

And not to be outdone...
even the peppers were getting into the act!

A little musical interlude.

Beef, chicken, pork, baked goods.
You name it.......they got it!

And if you are ready to some Christmas shopping,
they have plenty of shops for you to choose from.
Arts and Crafts of all kinds.
....and for those chilly nights that will soon be here!

Couldn't resist this purchase.
I think it is a thought shared by many.
And a little Homemade Pot Roast Dinner!
The Market fresh Roast is buried
by all the fresh veggies on top!
Now...who made dessert?


Anonymous said...

Oh Bogey! You haven't any idea how jealous I am. These pictures make me want to call the moving company immediately. I miss farmer's markets. The most difficult part of living in the desert where I do is finding something fresh to eat. The second hardest part is finding something to buy that isn't at Walmart. I digress. I made desert!

TechnoBabe said...

I really like the photos especially the one showing a bit of blue sky and I like what you say about how you can always see a little bit of blue. Those are huge cabbages! That shopping place is more than a farmers market, isn't it? I was at Grand Island near Vancouver, it this like that?

Michelle said...

Oh yum!

What a great market! I wish we had something like that here....


Michelle said...

Oh, and thank you for your support just recently. It has been much appreciated :)

Barry said...

St. Jacob's market is an excellent resource to have so close to you.

Linda and I try to get there at least once through the summer, but for us it's a major trip out.

But one of the highlights of the summer months.

smiles4u said...

"No matter how cloudy it gets, if you wish hard enough,
you can always see a little bit of blue." I love this statement, along with that picture.

This market place is amazing. Wow! I would go crazy at a place like this.
Love the candle holder with the beautiful words on it. And just looking at your pot roast makes me hungry and I just ate

Hey you mentioned you had a recipe for porkchops and apples? If you could send it to me that would be great!

I really enjoyed this post dear friend. Hope your week started out good! XXOO Lori

Lori ann said...

Wow Bogey, that was so much fun! I love your market, there is so much to choose from.
I'd have to take a list or I'd probably get overwhelmed and not buy anything! (well, I might find a thing or two in the arts and crafts area) :) The candle would make a lovely gift.

Your pot roast looks delicious, I really can't wait for it to get cold here, I love these comfort foods.

Hilary said...

I've visited St Jacobs a number of times but never stopped at the market. I'll have to remember that next time. I wonder if it's less crowded than the Farmer's Market in Toronto.. sure hope so. No doubt it's best an hour before closing. Great photos of what looks like a fun visit. :)

Nancy said...

Our local Farmer's Market closed on October 15th. I really miss it. There is a giant market similar to the one you have that is also partly indoor that runs all year in St. Paul, Minnesota. I didn't make it to see it when I lived there, but I heard it was very nice, similar to this one. The cabbages looked good, hmmmm maybe something with cabbage today.

Bogey said...

Queen, I'm sure we can find room up here for you and your family to settle down. So long as you don't mind a little snow-shovelling. It's the Wal*Mart's of the world that will keep American and Canadian Industries closing up. Anyways, what,s for dessert?

Hi TechnoBabe and thanks for the nice comments. I have never been to Grand Island so I can't say for sure. Maybe one day!

Michelle, are you telling me that they do not have these kinds of markets in Australia! Pity. And no problem with the support. Life is a battle sometimes and we could all use a little extra help sometimes. Hang in there!

Hi Barry, and thanks for the visit. The time you should be visiting the market is now. Bring plenty of shopping bags. You are bound to go home with plenty of everything.

Hi Lori (Smiles4u) and thanks for the very warm sentiments. You know, leftovers are always great with this. The flavours just seem to get richer when it sits for a day. And I emailed you the recipe. Let me know if you did not receive it.

Hello Lori Ann and thank you for the nice compliments. Oh, I am sure that as soon as you walked thru the gates you would have a field day. It's the kind of place that keeps you wanting more. Comfort foods are the best.

Hi Hilary, and yes, although it can get a little hectic, it is still easier that the one in Toronto. You and Frank should pay it a visit soon before it closes for the season. (The outdoor portion of it anyways.)And my pictures will never match what you take.

Whoa! So early Nancy. You can really see what kind of a community you live in by visiting these markets. So much variety. And yes, the cabbabes would be great to make some Cabbage Rolls right about now. Ideas, ideas....Thanks for stopping by!

James said...

Hi Bogey, sorry I'm late. I love places like this. I enjoyed seeing your pictures. Now I have a craving for pot roast. :)

Bogey said...

No such thing as late James! I thought you were in Europe actually. I could have sent you over a plate....there was plenty of it!

lin said...