Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Unexpected

Earlier today, a Blogger friend from way back in April, when I started all of this drivel, Michelle of Crow's Feet, personally came by and dropped off this newly made award on my Blog-step. It is called the, 'Rain Bird Award', and it was created by Michelle herself. Michelle has decide to bestow this particular 'Award' to those who have found, “Peace under Pressure”. It is dedicated to “every person who has come through their own personal 'war' with...if not their dignity and sanity intact, then at least with compassion and humour.” There is a marvelous story that belongs with this and one well worth reading!

Personally, I believe in order to be able to achieve that, one must be able to walk through the burning coals of life and come through blistered, but not crippled. Bent, but broken. And, to be able to show compassion and empathy while maintaining a certain amount of gratitude and humility. Trying hard to believe that I fit all of this criteria, and although there were no direct instructions, I have decided to bestow this new, if not worthy Award, to the following people;

Michelle of, 'Truth As I Know It', for continuing to honestly, 'Talk the talk while walking the walk', not easy at the best of times.

Lori of, 'My Life Interrupted', for providing a safe and loving haven for two of God's children, when she could have said, “I did my tour”.

Natalie of, 'Musings From the Deep', for continuously treading water while the world around her, as she knows it, tries to pull her under.

Queen of, 'Queenofphrump', for shouldering the burden while maintaining a sincere hold on reality and keeping true to her roots.

Marnie of, 'One Slice At A Time', for her sardonic wit, while trying to maintain some semblance of dignity while keeping life as real as it needs to be.

Lori Ann of, Lorix5, for giving me a peek of what real Love can be, if you allow yourself to do so.

Of course, this Award was passed forward by me, without prejudice, and in no particular order. There is absolutely no requirement by you to do anything more. Wear it, share it, ignore it. I believe I have done what I felt was necessary to pass this forward. Feel free to do the same.

And thank you Michelle, for making me feel worthy!


Natalie said...

Thanks, Bogey. I am very honoured to accept such an award.
Had to giggle though.......I am more like flailing wildly, screaming loudly, and generally wreaking havoc! :D

Michelle said...

Thank you Bogey :)

I feel much better now BTW


Michelle said...

Hey Bogey

I personally dropped off this award because it was meant to each person I went and told. ;-)

Only April? Wow... I feel like you've been on my blogging friends list for so much longer.

It's been a mad year and I haven't been reading blogs as often as I would like, but one thing always shines through when I see you online anywhere ... your heart. You've got such a huge bright heart, Bogey. It comes through everything, even your gloomy days or fumble-for-words moments (which we all have!).

You are very much deserving of this award.

Love and a big hug to a very dear soul. XX

Michelle said...


Oh boy, I have literally done the weeping wailing, gnashing of teeth AND kicking and screaming this year!

That was the manic drenched dove award, but it was not a pretty picture... so I went with the rain bird instead. *grin*

word capture - tedstomp


lakeviewer said...

Congratulations, Bogey, for a beautiful award. And congratulations to your friends in blogland, most of whom I know and respect.

smiles4u said...

Congratulations on receiving this beautiful thoughtful award that Michelle put behind this award. You so deserve this award my dear friend.

Thank you for your thoughtfulness in passing this to me.It really does mean a lot to me.

Hugs and love, Lori

James said...

Congrats Bogey. That is a really nice looking award too.

Lori ann said...

Michelle said it all Bogey. You make me think that if the whole world had your past there wouldn't be any problems in the future, if everyone turned out like you. Your generous heart and compassionate nature has made your trek through life a gift for us all. I'm glad we're friends. Thank you for including me in this award!

Bogey said...

Natalie, if you give away some of the burden, it won't seem to be as heavy.

You are very welcome Michelle. And it sounds like you are feeling good. I am happy for you.

Thank you Michelle (Crow's Feet), I am honoured. Of course now I am blushing. When I read the various posts of my special Blog Friends, and find they are in pain, I "listen" to their pain and I answer with my heart. I am no different from anybody else out there.

Thank you Rosaria. It's nice to travel in familiar gardens isn't it.

Thank you ever so much Lori for your generous thoughts. I believe I know how special this would be to you. So, how was your 'Girlie Getaway'?

Thanks James; you know it! How is your back doing...any better?

Bogey said...

Lori Ann, I have to be honest here. I have always found it very difficult to accept accolades and praise. I have always preferred the 'low key' approach preferring to blend in with the shadows. I once read somewhere, an act of kindness isn't really an act of kindness if you tell somebody about it. This kind of forum makes it impossible to do that. However, your very kind words and thoughts as well as everybody elses, humbles me for which I will remain eternally grateful. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Oh, thank you!