Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas.....gone to the Dogs!

In case you haven' t figured it out yet, I have a soft spot for a couple of little furballs by the name of Daisy and Jake whom I paid a little Christmas visit. This is Daisy's second Christmas and Jake's first. Jake is still a baby although he has kind of outgrown Daisy already. Needless to say, they provided me with a couple of happy memories when I watched them tackle their loot from Santa Paws! Daisy, with the better sniffer and a little more experience, led the way. Jake didn't seem to mind. Spoiled just a bit or what. But what they give back in love and affection is priceless. My friend is lucky to have these two and I don't mind making them happy too!

From my trip through Blogland, I know you all had your own very special Christmas memories and what memories they are. I just thought I would share a couple of mine with you all. Enjoy!

Well...can we open 'em up or you gonna make us suffer all day?

Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy!

Ya got enough tape on here bub?

Help me out here, will ya Jake.

That'a boy! Your not as dumb as you look!

Okay, okay I got it. You can go now!

See how easy that was.


Tum de dum de dum! Snacks for my tummy tum tum!

We hit it big Jake! Not sure how that happened!

A regular Smorgasbord!

Did we both get the same?

Hey! A toy too!

Let's have some of these first.

Not done figurin' all this paper stuff yet.

Hey Daisy, whatcha got there?'s mine...had my name on it!

I need a little snoozer. Wake me in a few will ya?

Never mind...I'll (zzzzzzz) catch (zzzzzzz) ya later.....zzzzzzzzzzzzzz!


James said...

Claps. That was great and how could you not have a soft spot for those little cties.

James said...

Cuties that is. :)

Renee said...

What beautiful characters and I am a sucker for anything called Daisy as that is my mother's name.

Thank you for your beautiful comment Bogey you are so kind.

Love Renee xoxo

lakeviewer said...

I love them too. Fun and full of energy.

Happy New Year!

Hilary said...

Those two are just adorable as is the commentary. Thanks for the entertaining dog tale/tails. ;)

Lori ann said...

Oh how darling, they are too cute. You are lucky to have spent time with them. Makes me want one of my own. :)
I loved the commentary,this whole post really made me smile, little fur balls!

smiles4u said...

How is it that you can make me smile big just writing about your special little dog friends? I'm not really a little dog person but they sure are sweet looking. I think Santa had fun shopping for them. I love your commentary as well...sounds and looks like you enjoyed your Christmas visit with your friends. Bravo! This does make me miss my dog though! Love and hugs dear friend, Lori

PS Hope you are enjoying your time off from work! Relax & enjoy!

ms toast burner said...

LOL! Hilarious pics and commentary!

Nice one, Bogey! :-)

Natalie said...

Full of fur AND energy I reckon,and pretty clever too!
Santa has been a busy boy this year, hasn't he Bogey? :D

Nancy said...

The are just too cute - and so deserving of those wonderful Christmas gifts! Glad to see it ended well.

Cynthia Pittmann said...

Oh how cute! I'm in love with those fluffy sweeties too! (and still smiling) May you have a wonderful year ahead Boogie!

TechnoBabe said...

That is so funny. They are really beautiful dogs. And you are a good friend to them.

Winifred said...

Love those photos. They are so funny and iresistable.

Amelia Listiani said...

That's just TOO CUTE!!! I'm smiling so widely now. THANK YOU for sharing! :-D

Bogey said...

Thanks James, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Renee, my grandmothers name was Daisy hence the moniker. I had a big influence on that one. And you are very welcome Renee. You are always so deserving.

They are great fun Rosaria. A Happy New Year to you your husband and the rest of your family.

Hilary, yes they are, but I'm sure you new that based on Benny's antics.

Lori Ann, they are just the cutest little things. They almost act human in many ways and are very devious.

Lori, shopping for these two is always a treat. It is very hard to have self control where these two are concerned. And if I can put a smile on your face then that's a bonus then isn't it.

Thanks Marnie, glad to see you have survived the Humbug season...barely! ;)

Natalie, you never can tell what the fat guy is up to or where now can you!

It always does Nancy, it always does.

It's easy to fall in love with them Cynthia, very easy. Happy New Year to you as well.

TechnoBabe, they make it so easy. And as you can see, they are a couple of little hams.

Winnifred, you have no idea. It would be nice to steal them for awhile.

I was very happy to do it Amelia. I'm glad it put a smile on your face!

Michelle said...

They are so darn CUTE.

My mom's family had a pet monkey (orphaned by stupid hunters who then dumped the baby with my gran, who was known to had rear orphaned critters).

She was the only pet in our family history who got presents, she got a doll for Christmas. She adored dolls and wore them out over a year. Every year she'd be thrilled to unwrap her new doll, plus assorted fruit and nut nibbles.

Michelle said...

PS... I love the way your photos literally do tell the story.

Very well done. :-)