Sunday, April 26, 2009

Creative Purging

A number of years ago, I was trying to deal with a few issues that I had been harbouring inside of me since childhood. During one stretch, as I was thinking about a lot the things that were creating havoc, I began to write some of my thoughts down on paper. Some of them turned into poems. It was kind of a cleansing process. I was thinking about these things recently because of some posts I have been reading and it kind of brought a few things back. Here is one of them.

The Child Within

Amidst the quiet and the darkness, a tear rolled down my cheek;
as the child deep within cried out and slowly began to speak.

How could you too have left me, to fight the world alone;
and live your life so selfishly with your heart you turned to stone.

Could you not see the puzzled look hidden in my eyes;
or did you just ignore me, like the others with their lies?

Endless days and lonely nights; oh how the years you've blown;
and now you return to claim me, as though I were your own.

I hope you didn't just walk in and not expect a fight;
because I started hating you when you first came into sight.

Yes, the years have left me bitter and often sick inside;
but now that you have found me, I've nowhere else to hide.

So the battle we will be entering will exact a hefty toll;
because the prize we will be fighting, for will be your very soul.

G. De Rouin
March 22, 1996 ©


Ai Shiang said...

Thank you for dropping by my blog.

Everyone seems to be happy that spring has sprung in the north hemisphere. Well, I guess I had my summer this year. It was extremely hot. Does Ontario always have wild weather or 4 seasons in a day? In your previous post, it looked fine but you ended up with a broken umbrella.

Bogey said...

Thank you too Ai Shiang. It's not always that severe but it does happen. Sometimes it makes planning for outdoor activities a bit of a gamble. I still find it interesting though, to have multiple seasons across the world at the same time. It is becoming more Springy here now though.

Ai Shiang said...

Thanks for your reply.

The sun shifts to the northern hemisphere for now. Enjoy the sunshine while you can. In 6 months' time, it's going to be my turn again :o)

ms toast burner said...

That's a very honest and thought-proking poem, Bogey.

Kudos for turning 'that stuff' into something creative and getting it out rather than screwing the lid on tighter to keep it in.

Bogey said...

Thank you ms toast burner. It's nice to see somebody else understands and gets it. Much appreciated.

Lover of Life said...

That poem was amazing. I could see the little boy...