Saturday, April 4, 2009

Nothing Serious

Nothing serious to say. I just want to get started and I haven't figured out what areas I want to concentrate on just yet. Maybe just random thoughts and experiences. Some may be serious. Others funny, but in the end, they will all be coming from my View From the Fairway!


Lover of Life said...

My husband just started his blog yesterday - looks a lot like yours.

Bogey said...

Hi LOL, I know it's kind of plain but there weren't really a lot of choices when I was setting up. I'm looking for something specific but haven't found it yet.

Michelle said...

I am thick at times - only today did I realise the "bogey" and Fairway connection. Duh!

I wanted to add a thank you here for ordering my book. Will reply further on my own blog. I'm having trouble with my reply notifications so, if I don't reply to anything important, please put a "reminder" on a new post on either of my blogs.

Bogey said...

LOL! Michelle, no worries it's probably only obvious to a few. Years ago, when I was blogging for a short time, my web page had the club house from St. Andrew's as the back drop.

And it is my pleasure to buy your book. I like to think that if even a very small percentage of the Blog World were to buy your book, you would be global regardless of quantity sold. It's a gutsy step you took and I applaud your efforts.