Wednesday, June 3, 2009

....out of the Blue!

Every now and then,when the world sits just right, a gentle breath of heaven fills my soul with delight...
~Hazelmarie ‘Mattie’ Elliott, A Breath of Heaven

Woke up this morning and instantly felt comfortable in my skin. A rarity for sure. The fact that I woke up period, probably helped a little! I don't know what it was, nor do I really care. I just wish I could feel like that more often. It could have been the way I felt last night before going to bed. Like my heart was swollen with an appreciation for the things I heard. The things I read and the things I felt. Who knows! All I know is, I felt at peace.....I still do. If I could only save some of this for a rainy day.

Deciding to walk instead of ride, I bounced down the streets. My earbuds
firmly planted in my ears listening to Johnny Reid's, 'Out of the Blue' making my heart dance. My lips mouthing the lyrics, I felt like singing aloud. The only thing stopping me was the probability of being arrested for disturbing the peace. Would have put a damper on my mood too! So, I just did the old lip sync routine instead. The day went by smoother than I expected. Another plus. I even stuck around for about a half hour after everybody had left just enjoying the tranquility. There is something to be said about an empty office and the urge to continue working. Did that for too many years though and now know better so I packed up and left.
Even the chaos that is my kitchen didn't bother me when I got home. (That's only good 'cause I can still find the coffee maker) I checked my mail. Listened to Beaks giving me crap. Had a wee chat ;). Whatever it was I was feeling was still there! I uploaded a special CD of a kind of motivational speaker I heard in April. Then put on a pair of shorts and went hunting for something to eat. Vietnamese. Good, but I've had better. They kind of goofed on my order a bit but that didn't even put a wrinkle in my skin.

I don't know people. I'm just going to accept it for what it is and pray that I don't split a seam in my dreams! So, give your skin a shaking and have yourselves a wonderful day!


Michelle said...

Gotta love those days Bogey!


Anonymous said...

That is awesome! Wishing you lots more days that are the same! You deserve them.

Amel's Realm said...

YEAAAAAAAAAAHHHH...I also wish you more days like this...:-D

Winifred said...

Oh I've had 14 of them waking up in Rhodes every morning to gorgeous sunshine, wandering down for a late breakfast and then wondering where to swim, eat lunch, swim again and where to eat at night. Bliss! But now reality has set in and I'm home it's cold and drizzly and I'm doing 2 weeks washing! But aaaah the memories!

Bogey said...

Damned straight Michelle! Zip a de do da, zip a dee day....!xxx :)

I'm looking forward to them Audrey!

Thanks Amel, there should be plenty more!

So that's where you disappeared to Winnifred! It appears as though that is where Amel is taking off to with her hubby.

lin said...