Monday, June 15, 2009


Words; even the word, words, is a word. Words are fascinatingly brilliant. They have meaning, truth, power and strength. Words can be descriptive, captivating, alarming, funny and sad. Words can be loving, cheerful and kind. But words can also be harmful, rude and destructive. We have our first words and our last words. Words can be written and words can be spoken, but once spoken, words can never be taken back. You can use words to make people smile or you can use words to make people cry. Words can be comforting and soothing. Or they can be heated and used in anger. Words can be icy, cold and distant. And words can be deceptive and manipulative. Words can be shared, traded and thoughtful. And words can be provocative, transformed and multiplied.

Words can be strung together or taken apart. Words can be poetic and lyrical. You can add music to the words and sing them. You can find words within words and create new words. There are Spiritual words, Religious words and healing words. There are words of forgiveness and even of hatred. Words can be whispered and secretive. There are even words to tell you what other words mean. Some words have more than one meaning, while other words sound the same but are spelled differently and are nothing alike. Words can be puzzling or misunderstood. Words can be used to sell things and they can be used to make you buy things. Words can be coded, transmitted or even televised. They can even be sent out into space.

Words can be written in dots and dashes, beeps and pulses. You can even use flags or smoke and even lights. They can be scrambled and scrabbled, boggled and criss-crossed. Even pictures represent a thousand words! Words can be spoken in hundreds of languages and dialects. Some words can even be understood by pets and animals. Other words can be inscribed, transcribed and even prescribed. Words can be haunting and frightening, even daunting and bold. Words can be used for you or against you. They can describe you and flatter you or mock you and laugh at you. Words can be enchanting, charming or devilish and devious. They can be cunning and baffling! Words can be sly and wry, witty and humbling.

There are people who have a way with words. Some people can say a lot with just a few words while others can waste words and say nothing at all. Words come easy to some people while others struggle to find words. Bloggers love words. They read them and write them and then they write more words if they like the words they read. They are sharing and caring and transported across this planet we call home. Words. The words come from our hearts, our souls and our funny bones, entangled with a myriad of emotions. Some of the words we read and write squeeze our heart so hard that our words are caught in our throats. We use these words to express how and what we are feeling. We don't always have the words to express why. Sometimes those words are just to difficult to get to. There are so many more things that I could express here but well, I have just run out of words!


Natalie said...

That was wordy, but oh so worthy. What a way with words you have, Bogey. A true wordsmith. :D

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful, lyrical essay on words! I found myself smiling, then thoughtful, happy then sad, and a million different emotions (ok - perhaps I just exaggerated there, but you get the point!). In a word or three, I would say this post was thought-provoking, fun, awesome!

ms toast burner said...

I love words! Especially slang, nonsense and weird words. Too much Dr Seuss as a kid. ;-)

Fun post!

James said...

Bogey you certainly have a way with words.
As a man of few words I would simply like to say that was profound yet fun.

Word up!

Bogey said...

Thanks Natalie, I try. Reading a Thesaurus before bed probably helps!

Audrey, you would almost think this was some kind of subliminal piece now wouldn't you. Words do play on the mind for sure.

Marnie, it would be interesting to study the slang from back in the thirty's until today and see how it has progressed.

Maybe few words, but your pictures are worth about 1000 apiece. Word up indeed! And thanks again for the Award will get on it.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant Post. Enjoyed every word of it!

smiles4u said...

I love this post!!! You, my friend, have a wonderful way with words. Everything you said here is so true and you said it so well.

While my kids were growing up, I would remind them(and myself :) each morning, to choose our words wisely. That our words have the power to either bring someone up or bring someone down. That we can't take back our words once they are said. We can say that we are sorry and we can forgive the words said to us but once words are said, it's done. They are imprinted. Now I am teaching this to my little people and still reminding myself of this too!

Hilary said...

Where would we bloggers be without our beloved words? Well photography maybe. ;) Nicely done.