Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Pleasant Clash of Cultures

I almost blew a great event on Sunday because I was puttering around the house. Or maybe I should say, that I should stay a little more in tune with what is going on in the community where I live! Apparently our community was celebrating it's annual Multi-Cultural Event. Something I haven't seen since I moved to this fair city some years ago. It was a gorgeous day so I went for a walk. Not really sure if I had a definite destination in mind. My walk took me to the front of City Hall where there was some kind of a remote controlled Boat/Ship competition going on. I guess I missed that too but I did catch a glimpse of some of the entrants. Rather impressive.

Anyways, just down the street from there, in the hub of our fair city, lies Victoria Park. So named, in honour of Queen Victoria who ruled Britannia from 1837 until her death in 1901. Hence, the park and the huge statue of the Queen's likeness. Well, I heard music and saw throngs of people heading in that direction so, being a bit curious, I decided to check things out for myself. At the entrance to the park, people were crowded around a couple of new fountains cooling themselves down from the scorching heat. I will tell you how scorching later. Meanwhile, I continued strolling towards the sound stage where I began to see people all dressed up in costumes from their cultural homeland.

Along the perimeter of the grounds were tents set up of Cultural Groups selling some of their homeland product. The ladies would have had a field day with the variety of Jewelry and very colorful summer wraps. While at other tents and kiosks there was a smörgåsbord of tempting delicacy's from literally, all over the world. No need to worry about dinner tonight, I thought. I mosied around catching as many of the sites and sounds as possible. I even took a ton of pictures. Only to realize later when I got home that my shutter wasn't opening all the way on quite a few of the good shots, ruining them. However, I did manage to snap a few that I could share with you here.

There was one scene which epitomized this whole cultural event for me as clear as day. There in the grass, running back and forth, were two little boys, running carefree and happily playing with each other. Oblivious to the colour of each others skins, origin or background. Just being children. I think more adults should have been paying better attention to that little scene. All in all, it was a successful week end. Yup! It started on Saturday so I missed the first day. Oh well....I will remember for next year. As for the food, there was enough to feed a small country. There was Indian, Greek, Italian and Chinese as well as a wide variety from the Middle East, the Filipino's and the Caribbean. Actually it was endless. I settled for one plate from the Filipino's and brought home a combination of Indian and Greece. Believe me, I was well fed. There were a lot of pics so I will try to show you a little of everything.

Oh......almost forgot! About the scorching sun part. As you may have guessed, being a red head, I don't do sun very well. I like being in it but it definitely doesn't like me. I lost a little chunk of ear a few years back from skin cancer so I generally lather on the sun screen. I could feel the heat of the day and figured I would pay for this later. After resting a bit when I got home, I went to take a shower and all I could see in the mirror was some dude that looked like the colour of a lobster. Sorry.....no pic. I kind of draw the line in the sand on some things. You will have to use your imaginations for that one. Needless to say, I had a very enjoyable time and was more than satisfied.

Clock Tower in Victoria Park

Roast Piggy!

Shelter from the sun!

Goods for Sale!
A sign of the times!
Cooling Off!

Treasure Chest Fountain

Folk Dancers

More Folk Dancers!
(There were dancers from Romania, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Turkey. I can't remember the order they came out and don't want to chance a mistake.)

Literally a Multi-Cultural Group

African Artwork

A variety of Tea Pots

Little Darlings from China

Future Generations

Fun times!

Another shot of the Clock Tower

More African Art!

Don't these hats remind you of anything?

First Peoples

Chinese Dancer

The Parks namesake
Queen Victoria herself

One of my purchases


Lori ann said...

How fun! there was so much to look at, i saw AFRICA! i love the giraffes and oh, i loved those teapots too, and then the children playing, i only wish you'd have worn a hat with that sunscreen!
What kind of ethnic food did you choose to eat Bogey?

Anonymous said...

Oh Bogey, what a great day! I love days like that, wandering around and learning about how other people live, what they celebrate, etc. Wonderful - I am jealous!

Yup, sunscreen is very important - but you know that. Great, great post! You should join our Friday Shoot-Out Bogey!

smiles4u said...

I've been to something like this and it really is fun and interesting. It's fun to try foods from different countrys too. I love people watching so events like this are a blast for me. It sounds like you enjoyed yourself. What kinds of foods did you try?

ms toast burner said...

Hey! Thanks for the head up, Bogey! We have a similar thing in Victoria, always around Canada Day... which is soonish. I must climb out from under my rock and find out about it.

Looks like a good day out!

I burn too, I feel your pain. Think of the sunburn as your way of celebrating your red-haired cultural heritage.

James said...

Hi Bogey. I'm sorry to hear about your sunburn but I'm glad that you shared this great time with us.
Great pictures too.

Bogey said...

Hi Lori Ann, I thought you would have recognized a few things. Did you catch the cute little hats? I think I was a little tired last night when I put this together so took some time tonight to put it together a little better. And answer the food question.

You are so right about the sunscreen. I usually wear a 35 to 50 for days like that. I've thought about the Friday shootout thing but I can never tell how my week goes. Right now work is consuming a lot of my time. Besides, you and Natalie seem to have that area of expertise covered.

Hi Lori, it was too bad I didn't catch the first days events as well. It was raining anyways. I ate some Filipino food and took home some Indian, and Greek. Finished off with some Baklava! Yummy!

Hey Ms. Toast Burner....looking forward to seeing some of your pics...unless you can't shake the rock! As for the sunburns, I've had enough for one lifetime!

Thanks James. Don't worry though, I'm not trying to move in on your territory. I wouldn't stand a chance!

Lori ann said...

Oh Yes, i did see the hats, very cute, the display is great. I like your Africa teeshirt too. Nice choice!

Ai Shiang said...

Oh! Look like you had some good fun there. The roast piggy looks delicious!

Amel's Realm said...

Sorry to hear about the sunburn...my skin gets burnt easily, too!!! Anyway, LOVE the pics and it looked like a FAB day. I'd love to buy some Asian food, too, please he he he he he he...

Hilary said...

Looks like a lot of fun.. and those are great photos. Too bad about your shutter woes and your sunburn though.

Last weekend we attended a "Fabulous Fifties" event put on by the town of Bowmanville. We're still trying to figure out which part of it was 50s oriented. The music was from almost any decade BUT the 50s. The car show showed vehicles from much earlier decades for the most part. The midway was modern. I'd say that your town event sounds like it was well organized. Thanks for sharing it. :)