Friday, June 5, 2009

Warts and All

Everybody develops their own little idiosyncrasies, habits, likes and dislikes and things that well, just piss us off, over a lifetime. It has become part of our character. Who we are and in some ways, how people see us. Not necessarily how we want them to see us; but then, that is out of our control now isn't it. Too be sure, we probably have a few characteristics of ourselves that we try and cover up never to see the light of day. For me to say that I have defects of character would be an understatement. Some of these defects of character probably get under the skin of other people. Sometimes that concerns me, if I like those people and wish they would say something to me. If I don't like the people, then I could care less. I'm just that way and I guess that too, is part of my character. I'm most certainly not perfect and would never claim to be. Below is a random list of things that have become well, me;

  • my day never starts without coffee
  • when I was a kid the phrase "do it right the first time" was beaten into me

  • which made me some kind of perfectionist and prone to procrastination (go figure)

  • I do not leave the house without a shower (unless it's under the cover of darkness and I'm in disguise)

  • I'm a shower kind of guy but I do love a good relaxing soak in a bubble bath

  • I make my bed and prefer it that way

  • when I'm angry, my mouth gets rather colorful and descriptive

  • I generally say what I'm thinking (not always good)

  • I love children and enjoy their spirit

  • If I like you, I trust you
  • If I don't like you, I never will

  • I love the sound of nature (except loud assed crows)

  • I hate the sound of lawn mowers, unless I'm pushing it

  • I hate the sound of a vacuum cleaner

  • Dusting and vacuuming are necessary evils

  • I use the vacuum to do the dusting

  • my desk is a reflection of how I am feeling

  • right now it's a freaking mess!

  • I'm generous to a fault

  • I am extremely private

  • which makes me wonder why I open up on these pages

  • some movies make me weepy, so I do

  • I have more clothes than I need

  • I own about 100 pairs of socks (don't ask)

  • I love to cook and eat

  • I need to lose weight because I like to cook and eat

  • I hate having to wear glasses now

  • I think naps are a good thing

  • my sarcasm can be very biting (working on that too!)

  • My eyes betray me

  • I love with everything I have

  • I hurt the same way

  • I don't like people I don't know to touch me

  • I like being hugged by people I do like

  • can't stand people who touch their mouths then want to shake my hand

  • I lie and tell them I'm sick and don't want to spread my germs

  • I apologise when I am wrong

  • I'm wrong a lot

  • I never apologise when I am right

  • I don't like when people waste my time

  • I can do that on my own

  • compliments are hard to take (I don't understand that)

  • I am actually very shy

  • I have great sense of humour

  • I think I've said enough and am going to bed

Not planning to re-read this just in case I decide to delete stuff or continue to add stuff. You all can add to the list if you want. I hope you all have a wonderful Friday wherever you are and are enjoying whatever you are doing !


Natalie said...

I think we were separated at birth!WoW.

Michelle said...

I'm asking.....whats with the socks?

Great list Bogey

You also do good facebook chat :)


Amel's Realm said...

Interesting read he he he he...I also dislike the sound of the vacuum cleaner. Ugh...too loud!!!

Anonymous said...

Great list Bogey! LOL - you are extremely private, but write on your blog - I think that many of us are like that! Disclosing private thoughts to invisible people doesn't count, right! LOL!

And I agree about the touching the mouth, touching somone else...YIKES! Scary story about that - well, something like it! My friend Colleed was just telling me about one of her employees. He had been meeting with a woman who had an open sore. She had touched the sore, then touched something that the employee picked up. He, the employee, ended up with flesh eating disease! SANATIZE PEOPLE!!!

Whew! Felt good to yell! Have a good one Bogey!

Tint~ said...

Great blog, Bogey! It was good getting to know you. You sound perfectly normal to me :)

Sorry I haven't been around. I've barely been online. I do appreciate your visits. I have some time coming up this week, so I may be doing a fair amount of blog reading. I really need to check my deodorant... all my students have cancelled en masse for the week =Þ

Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

I just love you Bogey and I would hug you for this list!! Well, I mean if you would let me :) is nice to get to know you a bit. You just seem like a really nice guy and I think really nice guys are under-rated these days :)
Have a great weekend filled with love, joy and laughter and..........

Steady On
Reggie Girl

Lover of Life said...

What's with men and socks? My husband is a sock geek!

From what I can see - we would be great friends.

lakeviewer said...

Natalie thinks you're twins. Good enough for me.

Sarah Lulu said...

I am like that with shoes!

Snowbrush said...

I can relate to most of these. You can't be all THAT private though, can you?

Bogey said...

Natalie, now that would have been some kind of miracle! Lakeviewer appears to trust your you?

Okay Michelle, you asked;

There are about 40 pair of various colored dress socks to go with my dress slacks and khakis;
Then there are about 30+ pairs of white Hanes sport socks and another 30+ pair of Hanes ankle socks I wear with shorts and for golfing. Don't say I didn't warn you! As for the Facebook chatting, I try! xx ;)

Amel, that kind of noise I could do without!

I know's weird. It has been kind of cathartic in a way. Their are those of you whom I feel I can instictively trust whether that be in blogland or in the real world. It's what I read in your posts that makes me feel like that. I can often tell when somebody is just plain full of BS.

Hi Tint, good to see you back. I know you are a busy lady with different priorities. You know you are always welcome!

I think I would let you hug me Reggie Girl and I always appreciate your friendly spirit. You have a good week end too.

Hello LOL, I explained the sock fetish above. I like my feet fresh...I don't know. More friends never hurt anybody...something tells me though that you and I together could be trouble!

Hello Rosaria (Lakeviewer), I'm happy you trust Natalie's instincts.

Sarah Lulu (Grandma)...why am I not surprised! have no idea. At least in this manner, if I feel compromised, I just shut it all down and walk away. Too me, it's not the quantity of the followers but the quality. And they are all Aces!

lin said...