Saturday, June 20, 2009

Rainy, Random and Romantic

It was bit of weird weather day today somewhat matching the quiet, melancholy mood that I woke up in. When I did crawl out of bed, it was to a steady stream of rain complete with dark, grey skies. My brain felt really tired this week for some reason, so it was a welcome relief not to have to run off this morning. It was busy that's for sure and there were a few extra long days in the office followed by some nights where sleep eluded me. It's funny how that happens sometimes. You go to bed exhausted, thinking sleep will quickly embrace you. But then, you find yourself watching the numbers tumble on the bedside clock. You do that a couple or three nights in a row and your brain gets tired, sensitive and mushy. I don't like a mushy brain because then I'm not sharp and prone to being on edge, snappy and sarcastic.

Needless to say, I started the day off at a slower, more deliberate and relaxing pace. Which conflicted, of course, with the plans I laid out for myself last night. There is a ton of work for me to do around here but I figure, 1) that it will still be there tomorrow. And 2) if I die before I wake, then I didn't waste today on it. So this morning, I did a little unhurried Blog reading while enjoying a couple of hot mugs of coffee and listening to Mr. Beaks perform his Morning Glory routine with his neighbourhood Birdie Buddies. Then I was blessed with a bit of a surprise that started to help me re-centre myself. I went to Rosaria's, sixtyfivewhatnow blog and read up on her family visit earlier this week. This was nice and pleasant in itself but then Rosaria introduced us to, “The Comforter's”, featuring her daughter Pia and son-in-law, Jason.

What a marvelous and enjoyable treat that was. I paid their website a visit, listened to the soundtracks from their CD and fell in love with “Lazy Sunday's”. The relaxing tunes prompted me to put in my order for a copy of my own which, I'm sure, I will enjoy immensely. Needless to say, I was enjoying my slow, lazy morning. The rain was still teeming outside as I watched it from my window. Then another nice surprise landed in a nearby Cedar Tree. A brilliant red Cardinal decided to drop by for a visit. He was stunning against the green leafy backdrop. I grabbed my camera and was lucky enough to get a couple of shots. He was being cooperative and didn't seem to be in too much of a hurry. I figured if he could tolerate the rain, with no side effects, then I doubted I was going to melt in it either! But just as I said that, the rain began to let up a little and the skies became a little brighter.

In the mood to for a bike ride, I figured I could tackle a couple of errands while I was out. The sun surprisingly poked it's head out for a few hours allowing me to get out for a few hours. I put about 20 kilometers under me and enjoyed the fresh air and music. On the way back, I heard a commotion coming from the Town Square and remembered that this was the day of our Country Music Fest. Thought about going for a look see, but it would have just dug up old bones I wasn't in the mood to visit again. My body was encouraging me to take a nap and so I allowed myself to succumb to the idea. Not sure exactly how long I was out but I did feel like sleeping longer than I did. But I'm glad I didn't.

When I cleared the sleep from my eyes, an old favourite movie was about to start. Random Harvest, a 1942 Classic starring Greer Garson and Ronald Colman. If you are a sucker for an old fashioned romantic movie, then I recommend this one very highly. You can go here to the Turner Classic Movie Database to get a complete overview of the movie. Well, those were the highlights of my lazy Saturday. I hope you all had an enjoyable one as well or maybe you will settle for a Lazy Sunday.


Natalie said...

Sounds like my idea of absolute, unattainable heaven.x

Cynthia said...

Thank you for that YouTube with Celine D's beautiful the visit to old time movie romance.I'm curious about
65's "comforters"! I enjoyed your "lazy Saturday with Bogey" post. <3

Anonymous said...

What a lovely day! Thank you for sharing it. I love rainy days - they give me a type of freedom that I don't often find - freedom to read a good book, watch a good movie, have a nap - a wee bit of heaven! And bike riding - THE BEST! Nothing compares to a good bike ride! Hmmm...I think that I will get mine out and go for a ride around the block! Happy Sunday to you!

Hilary said...

Sounds like an absolutely fine day. You sure were gifted with that Cardinal's presence. They don't usually stay put for very long.

smiles4u said...

I think the rain you were having yesterday came to us today as it has been raining here all day. I will not complain since we are in need of it. It sounds like you had a most wonderful day!

Lori ann said...

What a nice day you had saturday, and so lucky to see that beautiful cardinal, wow!
I ordered the comforters c.d. also, isn't it lovely music? my daughter is going to school in Portland in the fall, maybe one of these times when i visit her I'll get a chance to see them perform in person!