Monday, May 25, 2009

Everyday Treasures

Everyday Treasures

Another day over and more treasures for my heart,
That did not exist before this day had its start.

It’s amazing to me that they could even exist,
When I open my eyes and try not to resist.

A hug or a smile, a hand held with care.
A shoulder to cry on; all moments to share.

Often overlooked or even taken for granted,
Like seeds in a garden, one forgets they had planted.

The special people who will share in your pain,
Who will show you your worth and what you can gain.

Whose laughter is catching and fills you with joy,
Like a child at play with their favourite toy.

I have these treasures because you all helped me to see
The things that are important and what matters to me.

By G. De Rouin
May 24, 2009 ©


Michelle said...

Love it Bogey!

Natalie said...

Very NOICE! :D

Anonymous said...


Cynthia said...

What a beautiful sentiment,
"you all helped me to see...what matters to me."
Such openhearted kindness expressed here, Bogey, thanks for sharing. <5

Bogey said...

Thank you all! Now if I can only bottle that feeling!