Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pet Peeve

Although I have never been married, (tried twice) I have developed a little bit of a pet peeve over one of the symbols of marriage and that would be the Wedding Ring. My pet peeve is not against the ring itself, but those who should be wearing their Wedding Ring and are not. I understand there are times that, for safety reasons, the ring should be removed. But other than that, to me anyways, the ring should be worn in honour of all that it represents. But lately, I see more and more, guys mostly, no longer wearing their Bands of Gold. This includes a fair number of my male friends. When I bug them about it, their excuse is, "It,s uncomfortable". Hmmpfh! Bull Crap! Does that mean getting married was "uncomfortable" too?

What made me think of this today was a meeting I was in this afternoon. We were meeting with a couple of tradesmen reviewing the electrical plans for a new Church which they will all soon be involved in. Two of them are members of the parish that wants to build this new church while the third belongs to a different parish of a new church that is currently under construction. All three of them were wearing their Wedding Rings and you would swear they just had them polished. The age range varied from around 30 to 50. I think the fact that these men had a direct connection to their church made me think that they took the Bonds of Matrimony (I almost wrote alimony....whoops!) seriously. And I applaud them.

I would imagine some of the wives, whose husbands no longer wear their wedding rings, view this as a slap in the face. And I don't blame them. But was this just because these men belonged to a church? Not sure. Not all of the people I know go to church. And the ones that I know who don't go are generally the ones whose rings you will find in a sock drawer. I found an interesting article on the history of the Wedding Ring which you can read here. What does your Wedding Ring mean to you?


Ai Shiang said...

An interesting post. I haven't been wearing mine for ages. I never like jewellery! My husband got lucky *haha! I'm rather low maintenance. I think jewellery is hard to take care. They are expensive, and if is lost, it will hurt the pocket.

In some country, it is best to keep anything gold in a vault or you will get robbed. I don't see my mom wears her ring and I don't see my in-laws wear their rings either. Only if there is a function like a wedding to attend, everything bling bling will appear. Do you think it is strange? I don't think it is a slap in the face. Everyone does it. Maybe it comes down to personal preference? You treat each other well, that's what count. Ring is just a symbol.

Ai Shiang said...

Oh! I forgot to answer the last question, Wedding Ring means higher insurance premium :o)

Michelle said...

Maybe they were so shiny because they only wear them to church....oh dear, my inner cynic is showing.


Natalie said...

I treasure mine, and so does hub. We smile everytime we look at them.They are on every day and polished.
My ex hub didn't wear his, and it did feel like a slap in the face to me. Maybe that is one of the reasons he is my ex.!xx♥

ms toast burner said...

I'm not married and have no intention of ever being so... but I have worn one of my rings on that wedding ring finger when I don't want to be pestered by blokes. Although, that can sometimes attract a certain other type of bloke!

Bogey said...

Okay! Strange; my response disappeared. Now...what did I say again?

Hi Ai Shiang, yes, I guess I do think it is a bit strange. Why go thru all the trouble of exchanging vows and rings and then putting them in lock-up somewhere. I know that it is nice to love and respect each other, but shouldn't others know too? Maybe it's just me.

Now Michelle, imagine me thinking that there would be a cynical bone in your body. Perish the thought! ;)

Natalie, I knew without a doubt that you would be proudly wearing your polished ring. There is just that certain somthing when you talk about your life.

Ms Toast Burner, it appears you can take the girl out of England but you can't take the England out of the girl. All I can say is pity the bloke who creates a cloud in your sunshine!

ms toast burner said...

Ah! I'm really from Canada... but I guess that you're still right, Bogey. I spent five years in England and many of my friends are British. I love the slang, I can't help it!

Bogey said...

Ms Toast Burner, I know, I like it too! I have an acquaintance from England who is teaching at one of the local universities. His voice is so heavily accented you would think he should be sitting in the House of Lords.

By the way, I found your 'Tree House' and put another comment on your Post.

Lover of Life said...

I love my simple gold wedding band. I would hate to lose it! Over the years many of my friends added diamonds to their rings. But I have always loved the simplicity of my little gold band. My husband wears his every day - and always has - almost 29 years now.

smiles4u said...

I love our wedding bands. We found a jeweler that makes rings. We designed our own ring...it is celtic and has special meaning to the 2 of us and knowing no one else has rings like ours makes them special.

Bogey said...

Lover of Life, I don't think it matters what the ring is made of it's the reason behind it that matters. Thanks for sharing.

Smiles4U, it seems more and more people are having customized rings made. It puts their own special significance on it. And I bet yours means more to you than other people will know. Thanks for stopping by.

Amel's Realm said...

Well, mine is rather loose, so now I'm wearing it on my necklace as a pendant. Hubby doesn't mind that, though he still wears his wherever he goes and I like it.

But on the whole, I agree with Ai Shiang that for me, what's more important is the "ring in his heart", the way he care for me and talks to me and the way he behaves outside when I'm not around.