Friday, May 1, 2009

Good bye Casper

A good friend of mine called about 3 hours ago and gave me some very sad news. She was just coming from the vets and told me that tomorrow morning they were going to put a long time family pet "to sleep". "Why, why tomorrow", I asked? Tears. "It's time. Her body is failing rapidly and it doesn't make sense to put her thru this any longer", she said thru tears. She asked me if I wanted to say good bye, that she was nearby in her car. I said yes immediately. I hung up the phone and began to cry.

You may be thinking, why are you crying, this wasn't your dog. Maybe not, but this little girl was only 3 years old when I first met her. And for the next 12 years, we have had a silent bond between us. Casper was more than just a little dog. I don't know how to explain it. She just sensed when something was not right with you and sat butt to butt taking away your stress and making it her own. Then she would get rid of it. It always gave me a sense of comfort.

Casper knew I was a soft touch for her. Every time I visited, after greeting me at the door, she would bolt to the snack cupboard expecting her treat. Over the years I have probably kept many doggie snack companies in business and ruthlessly spoiled her at Christmas. Casper definitely showed me the meaning of unconditional love without a doubt. And I have witnessed this many times in many ways. She loved to go for walks and I would take her for long ones every chance I got.

There was not one thing that she did not sniff and not one tree safe from her leaving her mark. I used to laugh afterwards when she was all tuckered out and sleeping. Then it was like she was reliving the walk in her dreams the way her tiny little paws would look like they were running. And in the winter time, Casper would still walk and sniff and enjoy the snow. But, when her little paws said enough, she would stop cold and that was her way of saying, " Okay bud, carry me home". And I would do it gladly.

Speaking of snow, she loved it. During the winter months there was never really a need to put water out for her. Why? Because she would constantly beg at the door to go out so she could eat the snow. Hilarious! Casper is a little white Bichon Frise. Imagine that out in the snow. When you went to get her, you didn't know what part was dog and what part was Frosty the Snowman. And she had a long memory too. My friend's son would often leave half eaten food or pizza crusts on his plate in the TV room downstairs. Because there was a gate across the landing, she would bide her time. First chance she got though, down those stairs like a shot.

I last saw Casper 2 weeks ago. We were having a BBQ and although she was moving around a lot slower, she joined me in the backyard as I was cooking. She loved BBQ anything and often thought I was cooking exclusively for her. When we sat down to dinner, I sliced off a couple of strips and fed them to her on the sly. She wolfed them down the way I saw her do many times. From that point forward her condition has deteriorated rapidly. Leading to today's trip to the vet and a very painful decision.

On Wednesday night I was out to dinner with my friend and we were discussing Casper's condition. I asked her her thoughts about what she would do in this situation and was she ready if a decision had to be made. I know now and my heart aches. But I also think Casper knew too and tried to make our last visit an enjoyable one. I put a blanket down and she just layed her self out and made herself comfortable. Tears flowed freely as they are now. I will be there for my friends tomorrow as they have been there for me over these many years. Good bye Casper. Thank you for every memory you left in my heart. May God keep you and welcome you home!


Natalie said...

Oh, how sad. Love to you and your friends.
Bless you little Angel dog.x

Ai Shiang said...

So sorry to hear about Casper.

Michelle said...

So sad. A loving tribute!

Sarah Lulu said...

G'day ...came over here via Natalie.

I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your friend Casper. I always consider animals friends ..

And Melvin Udall is one of my all time favourite characters.


God bless your day or night,

Sarah Lulu

smiles4u said...

Animal friends are special friends and saying goodbye to them is no different then saying goodbye to human friends. It sounds like you have many fond memories to keep with you. I'm glad that Casper brought so much happiness to those that loved her. ((((HUG)))))

PS Just found your blog. Love your post about laughter. I love to laugh and think it's so important. I also love your poem The Child Within. Very good.

Joyce-Anne said...

Hi, I'm visiting via Natalie's place.

A very touching tribute to a good friend. I'm sorry for your loss.

Lori ann said...

I am so sorry for your loss. I loved all your memories of Casper you'll always have those to hold dear. What a sweet little dog.
(i'm here from Natalie too)

x lori

The Pink Cowboy said...

Came over here via Natalie. A moving post. I know of the love that a dog brings to one's life. My life is richer because Pretzel, my dachshie, is part of my family. My deep sympathy on this sad day.

Lover of Life said...

What a beautiful and loving tribute to Casper. My condolences to all.

ms toast burner said...

Big hug, Bogey.

Rob-bear said...

What a wonderful story about someone who was an amazing friend of yours. Thanks you for sharing it.

We have had to euthanize several dogs who were in a bad way, but who had become so much in our lives. We didn't want them to suffer (when we knew there was no route out of their conditions). I think I understand something of your loss. I offer my condolences.

(Yes, I came via Natalie's.)

lakeviewer said...

WE feel for you. Animals become part of our lives and they surely missed.

Cynthia said...

I also am an animal lover-we have a small shelter- 9 dogs and 1 cat- so sorry about your loss. May Casper's affectionate bond remind you of all the love you have yet to share in this life. <3

Winifred said...

It was great you shared so much together even if Casper wasn't yours.

They take a part of you with them but they leave so many lovely memories too.