Monday, May 18, 2009

Free Head Smacks

Every once in awhile I have to stop and give myself a smack in the back of the head. Don't shake your head; first hear me out. You may want to give me a smack in the back of the head too! We had a holiday weekend here, Victoria Day. Which meant, as far as I was concerned, sleeping in. But that never happens. My body has grown accustomed to waking early and getting on with the day. But after my third day off in a row I woke up this morning and moaned to myself, "Why can't you just sleep in"? And, as you may or may not be aware, I want to paint the kitchen but groan about that too. Then there is laundry to do, vacuuming and all that other fun housework type of stuff. So, after getting the coffee on and creating a mental schedule as to how I want to tackle this stuff, I set to work.

First off, I organize the laundry into loads separating everything and blah, blah, blah. Pour a coffee, park my backside on the couch and start watching something or other. Just procrastinating really, knowing I should be hauling out the bucket and begin to wash walls etc. Laundry done, now I tell myself, "Self", I say, "Get cracking"! "It's not going to get done on it's own". So, I put the TV on mute and put some tunes on. Out comes the ladder, bucket, cleanser and towels and I finally get started. I start with the easy walls before moving to the cupboards. First I empty them of their contents and remove the doors and hardware and begin cleaning the inside of the cupboards. The tunes continue to play in the background but the lyrics of some of the songs, begin playing their own tune in my brain like a loud pair of clanging cymbals.

That is when I began to feel like a big wah baby. My brain goes back to the first thing this morning when I started the whine-a-thon. I moaned because I couldn't sleep in, instead of being grateful that I woke up to a new day. Then moaned about the laundry, instead of being grateful that I have clothes to wash and wear. Next up, taking the vacuum for a walk, cleaning the bathroom etc. etc. But was I thinking that I should be grateful that I have a place to live. Of course not. I was thinking that now I have to start working on the kitchen. Woe is me!

I don't exactly know which song was playing that made me want to smack myself, but almost every song afterwards intensified the effect. My brain was processing some of the contents of the blogs I follow. For instance, here we have Michelle, agonizing over the care and treatment of her mother who is suffering the indignities of chemotherapy. Waiting for responses from medical personnel to tell them whether the treatment is working or not. And then there is Audrey, who is also suffering from this horrid disease. But yet, has the strength and courage to share her journey thru hell so we can all have a better understanding of what it takes to survive.

The list can go on and on but forgive me if I don't. I think you get the idea and I truly do empathise with all of your situations. Here I am bemoaning my perfectly adequate life with it's minor bumps and bruises when others around me are battling to survive theirs. After awhile, I guess taking life for granted becomes the norm. It's not so much that I do have a life to cherish, but when I moan and groan because of a little sweat equity every now and then, then even I can only take so much of myself. So if you feel the need to want to slap me upside the head, the line forms in the rear; right behind me.


Lover of Life said...

Terrific post, Bogey! Thank you for saying what many of us feel about ourselves every day. I know I suffer from the same disease some days - until you read a blog, (or watch Farrah's Story on television), and realize all we have is the moment we are in. Living in gratitude is the only way not to waste it.

Natalie said...

First up, You are human and we all do it from time to time. The good thing is that you recognised it, and pulled yourself up short.
Loving the green action on the fairway.

So did you paint the blinking cupboards or not???? :D

Michelle said...

Im pretty sure this blog wasn't green yesterday?

Im doin okay Bogey....and we are all entitled to a whinge day everynow and then.....


Anonymous said...

Bogey, I believe what you are suffering from is commonly referred to as "the human condition!" It is interesting isn't it, how we allow ourselves to get pulled down by the ordinary tasks of life - perhaps because they ARE so "ordinary," we allow it to happen. When something "extraordinary" happens to us we seem better equipped to deal, probably because it is not part of the "boring, tediousness" of daily routine?
Thank you so much for your kind words. Believe me, I don't always feel as strong and courageous as you describe me! Bu I do appreciate your kindness and support very much!

Bogey said...

Thanks LOL, it is definitely a good reminder once in awhile to babyset our thought process and keep it in check.

Exactly Natalie, human, and prone to forgetting it once in awhile. Just have to keep things in perspective. You don't think it's too much? I was getting sick of the white. And the cupboards will be step at a time. I'm very methodical don't ya know! ;D

You're right Michelle it wasn' was just part of my procrastinating. Glad to hear you are doing okay and hope you had a good day off. xxxxxxx

Audrey, I think you hit the nail right on the head. You were able to put things properly in perspective better than I ever could. And don't sell yourself short. I can't even imagine the energy consumed because of the unknown.