Thursday, May 28, 2009

Headin' to town...wanna come?

Follow me!

Some of the Hood!

Flowering Tree

Just follow the tracks!

A little Lilac Bush...

....and a little Black Squirrel!

Just around the bend...I swear!

A bit of a breeze!

Taking care of the Homestead!

A walk in the Mall

Coffee's on me!

Tickling the Ivories!

Some outdoor shops !

Some of the Main Drag....

...a little more downtown...

...and a little more!

Shop Window
Can you read the sign?

I bought this!
Ms. Toast has those funny pages!

Oh Audrey...there's a sale on Christmas Yarn!

For pampered pooches!

Some Olde Heritage!

Mennonite Chapel

Heading back home....

...almost there!

So I can eat this!
Thanks for tagging along.......Have yourselves a wonderful day!


James said...

Nice little trip thanks for the coffee, and believe it or not I have never seen or even heard of black squirrels until now.

Michelle said...

I'll have a skim decaf muggachino thanks Bogey....and a piece of that too.


Lover of Life said...

Thanks for taking us to town - what a fun trip. That cheesecake looks really yummy.

Natalie said...

Very cool post! You live in a lovely town, Bogey.

Anonymous said...

LMAO! I hope you bought up lots of that wool for me!
Gorgeous tour of your town - thanks for taking us along.

I read The Book of Negroes - love to support Canadian authors! It is a good read.

Now for the coffee - nothing fancy/schmancy - a nice dark roast will do just fine!

lakeviewer said...

Loved the walk, the music, and the dessert too.

ms toast burner said...

Nice one, Bogey.

It's always fun to see someone's surroundings and from their own point of view. I think I know the place... but not entirely sure. Very nice though!

Good luck trying to turn one page at a time with that book, lol!

Bogey said...

James, I have to dig up the pic of the Black Squirrel I took at the cottage! He looked like Arnold Schwarzenggar with a tail!

You got it Michelle! I would love the opportunity. Now, would that be a small slice or a big slice?

Tasted better than it looked LOL!

I will air freight the wool out out to you Audrey! Plenty time for a winter scarf eh! I've got a nice Bolivian Medium Roast on standby. Hope that'll do. The author is going to be in town in mid September. May get it autographed!

Thanks Lakeviewer. I've actually been meaning to change the music a's kind of getting on my nerves. Any requests?

I'm sure if you looked very carefully you would see the signs MTB. I hope I don't get a paper cut!

I actually enjoyed doing this very much and probably could have taken and posted a thousand pics. From time to time I will do this again from different parts of the city. Especially during peak market season!

Hilary said...

I popped over from Lover of Life's blog because I liked your comment on her current post. I'm glad I did. Very nice town tour.. I'm thinking it has to be the K-W area?

Bogey said...

Thanks for popping in Hilary and thanks for the compliment. It is appreciated. Let's just keep the location our little secret....'kay?

Amel's Realm said...

THANKS for taking me on the trip! LOVELY I'm craving for whatever you ate he he he...