Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunday Mush

Not much of a day today. Kind of a chill day I guess and in more ways than one. The sunshine and blue skies belied the chill in the air this morning. It felt more like late September or early October as opposed to Mid-May. That and the numerous flowering trees that were in full bloom everywhere. Woke up with a little bit of energy and plans to start prepping the kitchen for a new paint job. I don't mind any room but the kitchen is a royal pain in the backside. Freaking cupboards everywhere. Sheesh! But I knew it would be interrupted at some point. Had a breakfast rendezvous with a friend. Went to a restaurant called 'Cora's. I chose this restaurant out specifically for the name. The reason being, is that is my mothers name and today she would have turned 75. You see the 'Cora'elation. Oh well! I thought it was amusing.

While I was out I figured I may as well get some groceries seeing as how everything will be locked up tight tomorrow. Everything was going hunky dorey until I got in line to pay. I was emptying my basket when a father and son came up behind me in line. The boy, being a boy, was carrying on a little. No real harm. The father, a little short on patience I guess, snaps and yells at the boy, "Cut it out Doofus". Now, I'm not the most educated man in the world, but I don't recall the name "Doofus" listed anywhere under "Terms of Endearment". Believe me, my head spun so fast and my eyes locked onto this guy so hard I think he may have soiled himself a little. I figured he was so used to dishing out that kind of abuse, it was like second nature to him. He got quiet real quick. What got to me though, was how it seemed like second nature to the little boy too! Pretty sad. I just wonder what was going thru that guys head after the fact. Did he realize what kind of affect that would have on this little guys psyche. Probably not. He was probably just passing on an old family tradition.

Well, that was what was going on in my little part of the world today. Somebody, somewhere is blasting off fireworks practicing for tomorrow I guess. I should see what events are planned but that can wait. Whoa! Hold on a sec. I gotta go check on right back......

Yup! I was afraid of that. The kitchen is still there, taunting me! Oh well.


Natalie said...

Hey Bogey, my kitchen is where I spend nearly my whole life! It is new, thank goodness, I would hate to have to paint it as well.

Cora is a beautiful name, meaning 'maiden' in Greek.

I think your Victoria Day, is akin to our Queen's Birthday Long Weekend in June.

Greetings from the other end of her Majesty's Commonwealth.xx♥

ms toast burner said...

Hey Bogey, would you like me to paint your kitchen? I have a special way with a paint brush.

I can hear you from here, "OMG, Nooooo!!!"


Have fun painting anyways! I hope it looks fabulous when it's all finished.

Michelle said...

Snort to kitchens and Im glad you nailed that guy, maybe he will think twice next time...or not :(

Bogey said...

Ah yes Natalie, but it won't stay new forever. But I guess that would be something that goes in the 'Hubby Job Jar' perhaps. Hmmm! Very interesting interpretation of the name Cora. Considering my mother spent many years working as a waitress in the food service industry.

Back off Ms Toast Burner. Put the paint brush down and nobody gets hurt.

Double snorts Michelle. I just think that clown will look around first before opening his dumbass yap!

Ai Shiang said...

Luckily my parents or friends never call me names. I do have nicknames but I don't label them as bad. They're kind of funny nicknames.

Hmm, I can see some "chain" reaction here. From granddad to dad to son etc etc.

Bogey said...

Hi Ai Shiang, I've had a few nicknames in my lifetime too! Not all flattering I guess but they were just part of being on sports teams. Calling your own kids names is just wrong and demeaning. Believe me, I have memory's of that.