Sunday, May 3, 2009

Thank you all......

Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it. ~William Arthur Ward

There are no words which can convey how I feel towards the Blogging Community who have stopped by here in the past 48 hours, offering their condolences for the loss of Casper, my friends beloved pet dog. I was stunned and amazed by the show of support and affection and I am truly humbled. A special thanks to Natalie for creating the buzz and a thanks to you all for believing it was worthwhile to visit. Casper would have loved all of you. She was truly a remarkable pet, companion and entertainer. Her loss was felt immediately but the memories she left behind will remain with us forever as will all of your sentiments. Even Daisy, who was brought into the fold about a year and a half ago, realized something was not right last night. With every noise, she was looking for her buddy but to no avail. It would break your heart to see her looking so sad and confused with her little puppy face. Daisy is already creating her own niche in everybody's heart knowing she will never replace Casper but she has begun to make her own individual mark. Right now she thinks my thumbs are her rawhide chews.

Again, a humble and grateful thank you from the bottom of our collective hearts for your kind thoughts and well wishes. Casper is in a better place romping around, pain free, in the endless green fields of Doggie Heaven with all of the toys, chewies and snacks she can handle.

Much love and appreciation,


lakeviewer said...

You're most welcome.

Lori ann said...

Yes, you are so welcome, it's a pleasure to meet you, I know I came over on a sad note, but your blog is so full of warmth and happiness, really nice.
Thank you.
♥ lori

Lover of Life said...

Our pleasure. I love the thought of doggy heaven. I have a few friends there.

Natalie said...

You are welcome, Bogey. I don't like to see a good blog going unnoticed at the best of times, never mind when someone is hurting on their own. Your words are always so lovely to read,I thought I had better get you some well deserved recognition and support.

Lover of Life said...

You're welcome. You are so sweet to care so much.

BTW, you've been tagged - please visit my blog post for today when you get a second.

Expat From Hell said...

Man, I just read your tribute to Casper. As a dog lover, I got choked up. You are very good, my friend. I can see why Life in the Second Half recommended you on her "hot" list. I am glad to be here. I will be back again.

Best to you.


Bogey said...

Thanks again everybody. I will be back around soon. Just playing catch up with a few things.