Friday, May 15, 2009

Holding My Wishes

I walk along the darkened streets
Music filtering through my ears
Feeling such an inner peace
I haven't known in years

Reflecting on life's lessons learned
It all seems to be going so fast
As I learn to cope with my endless fears
And silence the ghosts from my past

The cool night air caresses me
And the darkness surrounds my space
The stars above hold my wishes
While my dreams are rooted in place

There is something strange and wonderful
Kindling deep within my soul
While my thoughts drift off to the future
With visions of a new found goal

My heart and mind are comforted
because I know someone out there cares
So I can focus on all of my tomorrows
While tending to my daily affairs

By Bogey


Michelle said...

Beautiful Bogey

How bout 'Holding My Wishes'

Natalie said...

I think it might be a case of lots of someones care. :D

Isn't it wonderful, to not have to feel isolated, to know that you can connect with a very special community, any time of the day or night. This is like a balm for your soul, and like you say,it leaves you to get on with the minutiae of everyday existence.

Lovely words.xx♥

Bogey said...

How's that Michelle? Better? I've always found it hard to put titles on this stuff. When I wrote some of my older stuff I thought nobody but would understand where I am coming from. I would never have thought how many other people are going through or have been through very similar journeys. Very small world.

I know now Natalie, and I feel it. It's an interesting community that is for sure. It just goes to show the masks we wear everyday in order to get through another 24 hours.

Michelle said...

Bogey, I think we all, at some point, go through the same stuff, just in differing ways,wearing different faces, and that's why song lyrics and poetry touch our souls.

Sort of like a soul nudge :)

It is a small world indeed.


Anonymous said...

That is really beautiful Bogey. And I agree with Michelle - I think there are far more people than you know out there who care. Lovely poem.

Bogey said...

Forgive me for chuckling just a little Audrey. It definitely wasn't because I thought there weren't more people who cared, it was more of me trying to make it rhyme properly. But I do sincerely appreciate the kind comments.