Wednesday, May 6, 2009

New Blogger Encouragement

Well, needless to say, it is nice to be recognized and when you have been tagged by Lover of Life, you may actually be doing something right. Do you see the followers this Lady has! She has a willingness to share everything; not just the good things in life but also the things that remind us of our humanness. So, here are the rules as Lover of Life has passed them on to me:

Tag and link back to the person who tagged you.
List six (un)important things that make you happy.
Tag six bloggers and let them know they're "it".
Only one of the added amendments was this, and that was to tag only new bloggers. We all feel this blogging community to be one of inclusion and friendship. What better way than to invite new or relatively new bloggers into it? So for my six things:

1) To be able to enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning without having to dash off to work.
2) That I have a job to dash off to in the morning.
3) That somebody halfway around the world was reading something I wrote.
4) That somebody "felt" something about what they read.
5) Having the time to watch an agonizingly slow sunset.
6) 2 putts for a birdie.

So six (relatively) new bloggers, I would like to invite you into our strangest community in the blogosphere, as explained by Lover of Life and in no particular order:

1) The Old Arnold House

2) It's Raining Ice Cream

3) Carl's Stuff

4) Gene Hilton Photography

5) Dallas-Fortworth Metroplex

6) And this spot is reserved for any new Blogger who happens by here today and wants to participate.

Welcome, and have fun with this. There is no pressure to participate, only if you would care to. Just think of the adventure spreading this across the globe. Cheers!


Anonymous said...

Great list! And greater still, the idea of tagging "new" bloggers! You are right - it is an encouraging and friendly environment. The tags are a great way to "get to know" others! Nice job,

Natalie said...

Good job, new bloggie buddy. :D

James said...

Hi Bogey, Thanks for the encouragement and it's nice to meet you and your blog. I'm in the middle of a big move so it might take me a day or two to find six new bloggers but I will. :-)

This is a great way to find new blogs that you may not have had the chance to see.

Thanks for stopping by my blog, you are welcome anytime.

Your newest follower James

lakeviewer said...

this was a fun read...and a bit more revealing with the music playing in the background.

Amel's Realm said...

LOVE the list!!! :-D

Sarah Lulu said...

Bogey ...because I'm so high up it DOES sometimes snow for maybe an hour hahaha ...we all run out and take photos! Perhaps once or twice a winter.

And thank you for your comments.

Bogey said...

Well Audrey, if it wasn't for the encouraging comments of some of the people on these pages how many would hang in there. And more importantly, how much talent out there would be missed.

Thanks Natalie, I owe a lot to you!

No worries James, we will still be here when you get back! Keep up the good work.

Okay Lake Viewer, now you have me worried; what have I reavealed?

Cheers Amel, always a pleasure.

So, Sarah Lulu, I guess you don't need to borrow my snow blower then? Yes, no.....maybe?

Ai Shiang said...

Hi Bogey,

I haven't dropped by a few days already, hmm, it felt like a few days. I'm surprised to see that I'm tagged and mentioned on your blog all the way on the other side of the globe! I'm always looking for some good blogs to link to. Love yours, you'll be on my list!

By the way, thanks for all your comments few days ago.

Lover of Life said...

Thanks Bogey, for the nice things you said about my blog. I'm so happy to see you have amassed a nice following as well. I can't wait to visit your new blog tags!

Bogey said...

No problem Ai Shiang. I've discovered this whole new process about encouragement and wanted to share.

Your welcome LOL. You have been just as kind to me. And yes, I love the added attention. It's fun.